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  1. SP version should be added as official in game, what amazing effects the steam smoke and the explosion brighter and smoke from clusters...
  2. I do not have your 890 skin anymore since this morning until I reinstal my game via steam and lost all. When your skin will be avaliable again? I see its dead in your userfile posts :(
  3. I did it already, its working now, but now I don't have the modded texture, just that default non hd Hope see the DCS update for effects, explosions and damage soon :)
  4. Sadly the new crater ground texture is breaking IC I think https://imgur.com/IbDardJ
  5. I like the new white effect in the rain but just when is very dark, when is clean and brighter the rain looks like snow. https://imgur.com/au9cZpt Theres any way to remove?
  6. Amazing work! I love the last update!
  7. Any chance to we see a Liaoning textures for Kuznetsov carrier?
  8. DOwnload link is dead. Any chance to see this Liaoning textures for 2.5.6?
  9. I've remove this bazar/shaders/enlight/watercompose.hlsl, now its working pretty fine, I can join in a server and leave, that IC will not break
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