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  1. So far I've only have this happen on the Georgia At War Hoggit server and no other. For some reason, sometimes, my MFD's won't export to my secondary screen, even though exporting is set to yes on the server. If I remember correctly, it's only happened when the server was set to evening, though I'm not sure why that would have an impact. Anyone know what could be going on?
  2. Already a member of them ^^ I was thinking about a discord group like the Open Hornet Project, specifically for the people building Harrier pits. We could just do it here of course as well.
  3. Awesome, I have no idea how to set up a group like that, but would be cool to have a pooled vault of Harrier knowledge ^^ I'm only still at the CAD design stage, but I'm probably too meticulous in my process.
  4. Been wondering if people would be up for doing something like the Open Hornet Project but for the Harrier? Maybe create a discord where we could talk Harrier cockpit stuff, share our work, findings and pool our knowledge etc
  5. Couldn't they work through DCS Bios though?
  6. That is just amazing! Working on the RIO seat next?
  7. Yeah I tried adjusting for that, but that would mean the instrument measurement of 3.25" wouldn't fit. But then again, not sure the drawings I'm using are actually accurate, so hard to figure out what to trust ^^ Starting to think I may be in over my head here, heh.
  8. Is there anything on the front console that's of a known measurement? Been trying to work it out but can't for the life of me figure it out. Tried going with the measurement of the flight instruments but they seem to all be different sizes.
  9. Is it possible to, somehow, change fixed step rotaries to variable step rotaries in DCS BIOS?
  10. Much appreciated! Just gotta make it work with Fusion 360 and I'm golden.
  11. Any tips on where to find the correct font? Been trying to google "M33558 font" but I keep getting anything but that (and a link to this chat).
  12. Yeah I did originally as that's how it is in the original code, just mistyped here.
  13. I've tried that but it didn't work sadly. Do i change anything else.
  14. Actually can't remember to be honest. And yeah that might be it...just seems a bit narrow.
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