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  1. Update: Been two weeks, same dry basement, no issues with pedals, not one...ground wire saved the day.
  2. My carpeted basement gets very dry in the winter, therefore lots of static electricity issues. One day, everytime I put my feet on the pedals, I would get the USB disconnect sound from Windows, and the pedals didn't work. I would have to unplug the USB, plug it back in, and it would work until I touched the pedals again. Ran a ground wire from the pedals to some nearby plumbing and it worked like a champ.
  3. Johnny, that was the first thing I checked, I went to windows game controller and they were not working there either. I was hoping it was a software issue, and quick fix like you experienced but , alas, it was not.
  4. Interesting experience today, notice one of my POV's (the front one) right postion switch not working, and the side POV position up switch intermittent. Right away I assumed the POV switches were going bad. Took the right hand side cover off to investigate how to get the switches out, and just for the heck of it unplugged the switches from the ckt board there. After figuring I could get the switches out easy enough, put the plugs back into the ckt board and put it back together, while I waited to order then recieve replacements. Tried out the throttle again and everything worked perfect. Botto
  5. I, too, am a real world pilot. I don't think any of the popular sims out there have got the "seat of the pants" feel", the little burbles, updrafts, downdrafts, shear, crosswinds and basically the conditions that make a pilot constantly have to move the controls "like a madman:) " during takeoffs, landings and gusty cruise conditions. I don't blame DCS...I don't think the technology is there yet as far as flight physics, and weather simulation combinations. Plus the fact you can't actually "feel it in your pants" doesn't help either, unless you are fortunate enought to have a motion sim, and e
  6. Thanks Makempay, outstanding video, much appreciate that.
  7. Thank you Raptor9, yes, that was it, I had to be in AG mode for the TGP to scan for and pick up the JTAC designated laser, it will not do it if you are in NAV mode.
  8. My initial question at the top of the thread, single player, JTAC lasing...still can't the the TGP to lock up on a lased target. My LGB's hit the lased target no problem there, just can't the TGP to recognize a lased target.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys, anyone else out there having any luck getting it to work?
  10. Has anyone figured out how to get the TGP to track a JTAC lased target? I read in another thread to use the uncage button while the TGP is soi. I am in NAV mode, with the TGP in area track in the general area where the lased target is, hit the uncage button, nothing, no indication that the TGP has picked up the lased target, or even looking for it, the JTAC is lasing on 1688, and my TGP screen says 1688 LSS.
  11. I think, that even in its limited state, there is plenty of stuff to learn about it, and it's a fun bird to fly. I haven't stopped flying it since it came out, still learning the systems, but looking foward to more functionality. Night flying is tough with no taxi or landing lights, really wish that would come sooner than later. If you hop in it, and start learning what is there, and get good at that, then I think the updates will come out frequently enough to keep you interested and in the cockpit.
  12. Ok fellas, this is what I have experienced. Situation, JTAC lasing a target on the ground that is not a steerpoint, code 1688. Loaded with GBU-12's. The CCRP always wanted to align with a steerpoint in this case, so couldn't drop. Had to rearm with the TGP...designate a point near the target with the TGP. Then switch to AG mode, CCRP...the steering cue is lined up with that point you previoulsy designated. The TGP is not picking up the laser, I think its supposed to, even though the the TGP screen says LSS 1688 and JTAC said they were lasing on 1688....therefore you are dropping in the v
  13. In the TM09, carrier landing mission starting at Marshall, a couple of problems. Mothers Tacan has to be set to something other than 44X, because nearby Kutaisi at 44X interferes with the Tacan reception on the harrier. I set it at 40X in the editor and worked well. Way too much fuel loaded in this scenario for a successful hover at Mother...unless you dump fuel first. Went for a swim first time, but good reminder to check the VREST page on the MFD, to see what fuel level is maximum for a good hover. I assume the other two TM09 scenarios would have to be edited accordingly but haven't
  14. I had the same exact results as Razor 18, took me awhile to figure it out, the training mission default Tacan for the Tarawa is 44X which conflicts with Kutaisi Tacan of 44X, I believe the aircraft is fighting between the two of them. I used the mission editor to change the Tarawa Tacan to 19X and everything seems to work. While I am at it, thanks a million Baltic Dragon for these missions, you da man!!!
  15. Loved your training missions for my favorite DCS aircraft...checking everyday to see if there are any more, thanks for doing them.
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