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  1. Those are LS, a different company, I’m pretty sure these are the ones they referred to as possible in the first couple pages of this thread. With GBU-54 the API for dual guidance is there. Also makes the CM-400AKG possible along with the ballistic FM being done for Scud. but yeah it is confusing with LT, LS, FT, and many different types of weapons companies that make similar or comparable weapons. I believe that’s the Chinese military philosophy, have multiple companies working on comparable products and eventually going with the one that works best. It’s very similar in regards to m
  2. I can’t find the source, I believe it was shared on some forum around the days following the maiden, so not exactly proof but it looks like a genuine photo to me. Looks too far off to be the centerline....
  3. There is a coin given to people who attended the maiden flight of block 3 and it shows a cheek pod, I’ll see if I can find the photo of it I saved
  4. Depends what AMRAAM you mean. AIM-120B is probably around the same or slightly better then SD-10, but the AIM-120C has the highest countermeasure resistance in the game. FWIW CM resistance and modeling has changed a lot in the past few months. It used to be based on aspect only but in the past few months they have increased the look down penalty for all missiles, and instead of simplistic beaming aspect = notch, it is now more like reality with a successful notch having to be within a certain window of closure speed compared to ground speed/TAS. In some ways that makes a notch easier
  5. Yes unknown thank you so much, I totally missed that option in the CNTL page, thank you very much!!!
  6. Here is how I interpret it using the information in the first post, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Anything clear is is an area you can fly through and have more then 200 feet clearance between you and the ground. Yellow is anywhere where if you fly straight and level you will be within 200 feet or less of the ground. And the red is anywhere above that that you may crash into if you continue to fly straight and level. The margin set by pilot referenced in the first post is just the altitude you choose to fly at, there is nothing in the MFDs that you can adjust other
  7. Works really well. Can’t wait to fly that campaign misssion that requires low flight. It’s quite a treat to watch it work
  8. So after talking to Dragon Jockey for a bit he showed me what looks to me to be an authentic picture of a JF-17 in flight with EEGS on the HUD without lock. Minor differences from Viper but symbology is very similar. I don’t know how possible it is for Deka to implement if there are other things of a late time frame they would need to include first or other documentation they may not have and need for things like HOTAS integration, but the evidence shown to me is not insignificant and atleast shows it exists. If Deka has the sources to do this it would be a very welcome addition Gu
  9. That’s becuase it’s not used in service. If you play with JF-17 in mission editor you find quad SD-10s and fuel tanks puts it close to or over MTOW. It limits range and speed, in addition the radar can only fire on two targets in once. When you remember that it replaced Mirage III with only two BVR missiles it makes sense. They just do not need the capability yet. Things might change with RD-93MA and AESA block 3 but I don’t think they will when it comes to normal practical load out. it’s just like how you don’t see any in service pictures of F-18 with ten AMRAAMs, or in service pi
  10. I’m afraid some of your information may have been proposals or things that were parroted by non official sources. If you heard of SD-10 wingtip use from reputable source please link it. The idea of switching out 23mm for 30mm seemed to only be a proposal and never actually done. The block 3 does not have a different tail, the JF-17B has a vertical stabilizer with greater sweep to increase the yaw stability that was lost by the larger canopy and fuselage. I have not heard anything about max AOA changes. The RD-93MA has less smoke and will be used on block 3 and I heard of an offici
  11. I think you might mean Over G, which has the limits in the guide and chucks guide. Usually 5-5.5G for air to ground weapons. Sometimes store is fine but pylon breaks. It depends on the weapon. Sometimes it only happens on one side from assymetric G. Pretty dynamic edit: Re reading quick start guide all air to ground weapons have G/speed/altitude limits for launch. Perhaps that’s what you mean?
  12. Which website? It has a PAFwallpapers and defenceBD(Bangladesh) watermarks, and image search history has it first appearing in 2014 and being shared mostly on blogs. I can’t find it from an official source or Myanmar source. Considering it lists a generic anti radiation missile on station 3/5, centerline 802/bombs, and ALCM/Ra’ad, I’m not surprised
  13. An unpainted C-802. Hard to tell variant but seems like radar guided. That tail does look really long
  14. The picture with Chinese characters came straight from Deka IIRC, the other pictures I’m pretty sure were fan made. Would be interested in why you think that particular one is for the Myanmar military? Because they claim Ra’ad/Hatf carriage, which is nothing more then fantasy. Block 3 may surprise us but these pictures were made very long ago, often originate from places like Pakdef which requires an excavator in a salt mine to get enough pinches of salt to get truth. No offense I read those kindve sites a lot because some posters are more trustworthy then others, but it’s pretty easy to make
  15. Get what uboats means about Q-5, which may mean they intend for something more “special....”
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