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  1. I just had this exact same issue on a new 50CM2. The 2 throttle levers and the flaps lever were still working, none of the other buttons were. Check if there are any SPI errors in the config tool. (Button page) The cause of my problem ended up being a connector having pulled free inside 1 of the levers. If you turn on the debug mode and uncheck 'check for spi errors' some buttons should start functioning again if this is the issue.
  2. Yea they're a bit slow but it appears to be just because it's busy. I had some funky issues with my new throttle and the time from creating the call to solving the problem was 26 days. Initial response took a week which was the basic 'give purchase data / owner info' Then a few more days for the techie, add some more time waiting on a programmer and a troubleshooting back and forth to get on 26 days. What I keep hearing is that it is indeed a 'Karen' problem.
  3. Can confirm this. After a lot of bad language and tinkering I finally checked the cpu affinity only to find it limited to 'Processor 0' Setting DCS.exe to all cores cleared all the stutters and cut loading times back to 1/3rd of what it was. This is on a 8/16 core I7-6900k Maybe it's a good idea to set this affinity to all cpu in the default config ?
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