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  1. I think it is like Habu writes higher up in the thread, the TPOD does work so well yet with MAVS. I noticed when use max zoom on MAV seeker and TPOD, then i hit 11 out 12 missiles. The lock reticle flickers in a wierd way but lock seem to hold most of the time.
  2. alright. thank you for takeing your time to help:thumbup:
  3. I press TDC depress. How do I get it to lock?
  4. here is a trackfile from today. My problem remains. will try laser guidance now. noob_bandit.trk
  5. fixed it! sorry i am a noob when it comes to the forum As you can see in the track file I aim for the 4 T80. They survive without a scratch and there is 4 craters 20 meter from the tanks
  6. Hi Again Thanks for your feedback. I attached the trackfile. Please note I use the IR-version. Will try the using laser instead. The most likely root cause is I am doing something wrong or my DCS installation is some how corrupt. Cheers, Bandit Tacview-20200331-235826-DCS.zip.zip
  7. Hi fellow dcs-pilots, I hope you all are safe. I have a problem with hitting target using mavericks and liteningpod. I use the F-version of the MAV. litening pod on center pylon and I start from airfiled. The problem is that all MAVS miss their target with 20-30 meters. Every time!:joystick: I have watched EVERY tutorial on the subject on youtube and I cannot see what I do wrong. The lightening pod it locks perfectly on the target using point-track, and the MAVS seem get a good lock. If I skip the pod and only use the maverick seeker it works like perfectly. :helpsmilie:
  8. I get a dcs crash at the end of each mission attempt. when pressing escape. Running the 2.5 beta anyone with the same problem?:joystick:
  9. thanks.! I didnt missed that thread since i didnt know CTD. I guess the viggen has to stay on the ground this weekend
  10. I have problem with crashing DCS when flying the viggen, since 3-4 days back. DCS crashes hard without creating logs and it is only when flying the viggen. It happens randomly 5min after mission start. I have update windows10, graphics drivers and repaired DCS. No improvment. Any ideas?
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