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  1. Hello @toutenglisse Thanks, I didnt know that it was working with the hornet. I recall that LGB's were not working for AI (that was probably years ago know) So I always gave them GPS guided munitions. What prompted me to write the post was watching an F-14 repeatedly miss with LGB's. I tried your test mission with an F-14 and the LGB's do not track. I tried a number of other AI aircraft and they all seem to work fine. Thanks for pointing that out. I can go back and diversify some loadouts. Sadly, the F-14's will have to stick to dumb bombs
  2. I have a question regarding AI aircraft and using Laser guided weapons. For the longest time I have noticed that when AI Use LGB's the weapons do not track the target and miss by a significant margin. I Assume that its because the AI aircraft are not using their laser designator. My question is, Is their a way to get AI aircraft to emply LGB's successfully? Is it possible to have another unit buddy lase targets for AI aircraft? Any help is always appreciated
  3. Ai Planes that are taxiing to or from a runway do not maintain the normal interval between each other. Eventually they will hit the plane in front. This behaviour has only started since the latest OB update ( it was not an issue in previous iterations of OB 2.7 The attached Miz file demonstrates this behaviour. A group of AI F/A-18 taxi out from their parking spots. The Flight lead Taxiis behind a Humvee. After a short period of time the second unit in the group will hit the flight lead and Chaos ensues. AI TAXI BUG.miz
  4. @Treker I have DCS stable installed on my computer as well. I made a version of the campaign that will be compatible with 2.5.6 and has the bug fix for the Mirage. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f8v8xmbkmv6foi6/AAAD5A_XS9siLhid-S3huVjxa?dl=0
  5. @Treker I managed to find the bug your experiencing. It prevented a lot of the triggers that occur when the instructor gets in formation with you. You will notice a lot more Dialogue now and the Scoring system should work properly. I have updated the Campaign and you can download the latest version here. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313504/ Thanks for taking the time to report the Bug. I really hope you enjoy the rest of the campaign. If you have any trouble at all, please let me know.
  6. @Treker Thanks for the track replay. I actually found it really enjoyable watching someone else flying a mission I had put so much work into. Unfortunately, the trackfile Desynced after a while and you ended up flying into a wall. I couldnt use it to work out what was going wrong. Either way, I really want to get this resolved so you can enjoy the rest of the campaign. I Have a few questions, 1). did the instructor fly in formation with you on the way to the merge co-ordinates? 2). Did both engagements result in the Adversaries crashing? 3). did the instructo
  7. Land at the same Airbase you took off from. The mission has all the Bluefor aircraft at Nellis ( Tacan 12X), and all of the Redfor at Tonopah (Tacan 77X). I Tested the first mission last night after reading you were having some trouble with it. Everything worked as intended in the F/A-18. Sadly I cannot test every aircraft, my brain simply wont fit more than one at a time.
  8. Hello @Treker I don't think your doing anything wrong. Once you have completed both engagements, the instructor "Should" re-join with you and provide feedback on your performance. Just to clarify a few things, 1). Their is no time limit to the engagements. If you damage an adversary and he fly's away to an airbase, the mission will not proceed. 2). You can call "Knock it off" to end either engagement and the mission will continue as intended. If the instructor does not re-join with you after the second engagement ends and you hear "knock it off", their may
  9. are their any start up and procedural tutorials available yet?
  10. Congratulations! This is a remarkable effort and greatly appreciated by the community.
  11. Please allow me to clarify my observations. As I reported in the first post to this thread. The 2nd unit of a spawned group will not execute its mission (orbit at waypoint) under the conditions outlined bellow. While, the first unit of the spawned unit carries out its mission as intended. its Night. (case III conditions) Its a Naval Aircraft group (F/A-18C, F-14A/B ) The closest airbase is a (western) Carrier. It does not have a waypoint in the mission editor. If any of these variables are changed. (I.e change the group to an F-15) then both units will exec
  12. @Grimes Unfortunately I was not able to produce the table you were looking for. However, I believe I can reproduce the fault in the mission editor. Bear with me, I Believe the issue surrounds the "Follow" task in the mission editor and is not related to scripts. The follow task does not work for a late activated Naval aircraft (F/A-18C-F-14A/B) when the closest airbase is a carrier AND it is issued on waypoint Zero. If the group is not late activated, then then the follow command will work correctly. If the Aircraft are changed to a non carrier capable
  13. I managed to get the table that you asked for. I made a table of the fault occurring and one of the fault not occurring in the test mission. Let me know if there's anything else you need. FAULT_TABLE.txt
  14. Glad you got it working@Skyraven Thanks for the updated VSN link, I will include it in the mission description. There is a 16 mission A2A Campaign available as well. The link is in the first post of this thread. I will eventually update the MODS version so its a full campaign as well. All the best!
  15. Parking space 121 and 122 are duplicate in the mission editor Placing a unit in parking space 121 at Incerlik(Hardened AC shelter) causes them to default to the alternate space 121 on the other side of the airfield. SYRIA_parking_test.miz
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