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  1. Squadron Name: NA Teamspeak/Discord: NA Contact person Discord ID: DenTroge#3002 Aircraft Selection. Mig-19 Pilots: NOR - DenTroge
  2. So, I saw this today on the burning skies WWII server. Is it a visual bug, or a pretty hefty upgrade to the I-16's hardpoints? I'm guessing that we can only launch those puppies in ARH mode in the I-16...
  3. Hey :) Just wanted to say good job, and thanks!
  4. I was running 2.5.0, but just decided to download 2.5.1 to see if it it made any differance, but it dosn't. Anyhoo, thanks for the help guys :)
  5. Also I found this in the log: 2018-05-05 10:57:39.952 ERROR DCS: Mission script error: : [string "C:\Users\DenTroge\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\/~mis0000361E"]:19690: SPAWN:New: There is no group declared in the mission editor with SpawnTemplatePrefix = 'E' Now E is a group name that i used earlier while testing, but have since deleted, and it is no longer in the mission.lua and I do not have a E:Spawn() script in the editor and the grout itself is deleted. I have seen this before; the ME still tries to look for groups that i have deleted from both the mission.lua and from the editor.
  6. According to the log: 2018-05-05 10:57:39.945 INFO SCRIPTING: 10095( 10652)/E: DATABASE00003._RegisterGroupTemplate({[1]=Group,[2]=a,[3]=Coalition,[4]=1,[5]=Category,[6]=2,[7]=Country,[8]=0,[9]=Units,[10]=a,}) 2018-05-05 10:57:49.921 ERROR DCS: Mission script error: : [string "a:Spawn()..."]:1: attempt to index global 'a' (a nil value) [string "a:Spawn()..."]:1: in main chunk
  7. Hi y'all :) I am following flightcontrol's tutorials on youtube, and experimenting with spawning, and I think I might have misunderstood something fundamental. I am trying to spawn groups a, b and c when group d reaches a waypoint. I've got my Moose.lua setup and initialized at startup in the ME. My mission.lua is also initialized on startup and reads: a = SPAWN:New( "a" ) b = SPAWN:New( "b" ) c = SPAWN:New( "c" ) In the ME group d reaches a waypoint that runs a script (in the ME) that reads: a:Spawn() b:Spawn() c:Spawn() And nothing happens. Funny thing is though,
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