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  1. Huh, okay I shall give that a try and see if my issues are corrected! Thanks..
  2. Hi, Recently updated to the latest OB build today December 23rd 2019 and loaded in with friends to go fly blue angels flight off the coast of Dubai next to the Burj Khalifa and anytime I'm looking at the City my frame rate will drop super low to the point the sim seems like its freezing but as soon as I look away towards water or up at the sky the frames go back to smooth and normal. I tried lowering different graphics settings to try and get a better fps result but it all stayed pretty much the same. FPS Looking away from the city ASW on 45+ and looking at the city the FPS Will drop below 10F
  3. Hi with the most recent update my trim does not work, I tried different key binds and the trim hat in the aircraft itself even moves but the trim does not change pitch or roll even though the hat is moving. I also had this issue arise in the prior update in the A-10C but it seems to have gone away. If anyone can get this info across or provide a fix! I am on open Beta btw.
  4. Video demonstration of ground effect Bug Here is the video for the ground effect bug I made a thread about.
  5. Hi I would like to report an issue with the Hornet and its interaction with the ground. I suspect a issue with ground effect. The aircraft does not demonstrate proper ground effect when flying at 20Ft AGL and the lower you get the aircraft gets sucked into the ground. The aircraft tends to get sucked into the ground rapidly regardless of control input and it gets stronger as speed increases and altitude decreases. I suspect this issue has also been the reason my take off performance seems to be fairly extended. The best way to explain this is to experience it. Grab a hornet and attempt to fly
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