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  1. i saw a video posted on YouTube a few years ago that i ran across i thought viper lovers would like to see. at about 24:00 you can see some interesting FLIR footage. https://youtu.be/qg1Ojydzv8U
  2. a great capitalist once said "never design a lightbulb that will last forever". in all seriousness though. about 10 years or so ago, dell release a new model of optiplex. they had gotten a pile of capacitors from a company that was not doing proper quality control. some of the capacitors failed under load and dell had to replace lots of system boards. so it does happen unfortunately.
  3. not really any help except to offer some empirical data. i run game windowed and do not have this issue. i know there are various discussions around windowed vs full screen and differences in performance.
  4. thanks for quick reply. so why would it change? i am guessing some patch changed something? something between DCS Open Beta - 30.06.2021 and DCS Open Beta - 29.09.2021.
  5. i have a fun mission i use for A-10. it is a modified P51 mission. it was totally unfair with modern equipment enemies. i have used other planes too. i have played this literally 100 times at least. at some point between july and october i noticed that the take off was the opposite direction than i had been used to. the mission is hot on runway. all i have for evidence of a change are two tacview recordings. how does DCS decide which way the takeoff is for hot start? http://www.pcwiseman.com/downloads_files/Tacview-DCS-SD_Alamo-A-10C-2.zip
  6. there are two warheads for the various versions of mavericks "57 kg (126 lb) WDU-20/B shaped-charge" and "136 kg (300 lb) WDU-24/B penetrating blast-fragmentation" from Wiki. shaped charge is for armor piercing. get inside and kill what's inside. blast-frag would be like a hand grenade. and unless i am mistaken, only the 300 lb versions can force-correlate. would a 500 lb bomb or a 300 lb maverick take down a building? i guess it depends on the building. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AGM-65_Maverick
  7. Ah. Probably why I did not notice. No MP for me.
  8. i can confirm in SP that F16/F18/A10 all can "see" each others' SPI. without decluttering it looks a lot like the old time laser show concerts.
  9. oh i thought it was other way around. my bad. the idea i was trying to purvey is, if the AI is pilot, will it be able to defy physics?
  10. so if we decide on player being backseat, does that mean since AI is pilot, will it be able to defy physics like the adversary AIs do in other AC? ;-)
  11. jaggies are definitely an AA setting. shimmering not sure. i believe shimmering is the latency of the lighting vs the edge of the texture timing. i do not have either of these issues. remember that some nvidia settings allow application-controlled. for instance, in my case, ansiotropic filtering is set to application-controlled. so the setting if any is controlled in DCS options. are you on a monitor or VR? this other link is old too and a specific card manufacturer. maybe still relevant. https://forums.evga.com/Edges-Flickering-in-every-game-m2854363.aspx
  12. @scampaboy - have a look at this post. a bit old but still relevant https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/150426-getting-rid-of-shimmering/
  13. my results are with CBUs so there may be differences. video i watched said as you turn into the target and the dive, place the velocity vector at a point 1000 feet 'above' the target. then keep flying down your dive. when the pipper hits the target, release the bombs. keep the cross above the pipper.
  14. to the point made about F-14 the AI is called Jester. this is obviously not the person's name. but it is gender neutral. so why all of a sudden is the AI a given name? when i was in the army we generally called each other by their last name or nickname. we did not shout our Jane or Amy or Jack or Bob.
  15. there is lots of talks on the various forums about shoddy manufacturing and assembly. some people with the gumption to take apart the gfx cards are finding that the thermal paste is not applied correctly or not at all. only an example. granted @DmitriKozlowsky probably has a card from pre COVID stock and perhaps the workmanship was better. i dunno. @DmitriKozlowsky forgive me if this is already tried but did you contact the warranty support for the card? they may know of a trend with the card you have and if its a known issue. sort of getting bad factory paint on thousands of cars. the manufacturer probably knows about the bad paint and will repaint the car. also are you able to try another card? even if it is old and you have to run the sim at lower settings. i have been in IT since 1989 and this issue to me sounds like hardware. that is if you have done all the steps you have noted. IT is like a science experiment and you need to use scientific method diagnosing the problem. unfortunately you have to keep moving forward with your own resources. at this point doing nothing is not an option.
  16. i read this article this morning. pretty interesting. especially for those of you that like the Tiger. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/soviet-pilot-who-test-flew-captured-f-5-against-mig-21-mig-23-explains-why-the-tiger-beat-the-fishbed-flogger-in-every-engagement/
  17. i would like my pilot to be prince harry.
  18. i dont know why but this made me spit beer.
  19. @darkman222 - there is a lot of talk about the geneva convention. when i did basic training, we were told that a 50 cal and above should not be used on troops. except in cases that the person you are shooting at is shooting at you with a bigger gun threat. or protecting comrads. or that is all you have. i have a hard time believing that most combatants even follow this. if its you or them and all you got is ma-duce then ma-duce wins. honestly a 20 mm plan for loadout would probably not consider shooting at troops. troops are least armored target and any 20 mm round (including training rounds) would devastate a person. so the idea is to load what your mission needs.
  20. @Rongor - honestly i do not have any issues with takeoff or landing in A10. even at 105% weight. i usually wait until 140 and start pulling. the nose gets some loft and then it just floats upwards. i suspect a controller issue. could be as simple as deadzone or curves. or maybe duplicate controls. find your inputs folder and rename it or make a backup. then retry. if it works then there is an issue in the inputs somewhere.
  21. do they both show up in control windows panel? if so then its a DCS issue. each controller should have a unique GUID. perhaps both are showing as same controller in DCS?
  22. i have both org and new A10C. i got a new computer and org is still not installed. i see no point. but i get content for it and tailor it to my liking. as stated change time of day or skill level of AI. Liberation is really good too.
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