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  1. could this be a firewall and / or DNS issue? "timeout period expired" could be caused by not being able to connect to the update servers. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/authorization/#2286023 ERROR: Couldn't resolve host name When you try to use DCS updater to repair or update, it can not connect to server and you get an error saying couldn't resolve host name. from log file - autoupdate_log.txt - located in root DCS World folder you can see: ERROR: digitalcombatsimulator.com replied HTTP -1 ERROR: Couldn't resolve host name
  2. good job ED. my performance on a test mission i had setup prior to patch in syria. seems to be more smooth. no jitters or freezes.
  3. weird issue. honestly i cannot see anything amiss in you screenshots but it is definitely dark. what happens when you change your gamma settings in game?
  4. hello. just an idea. are you in window or full screen? i have my system in full screen. i also put pdfs up on my second monitor for reference. sometimes i have to open the pdfs after i have already started DCS. i pause it and then click on other monitor, open the pdf, then click back in the monitor with DCS. then un-pause. i do not believe i have seen any sort of flickering though.
  5. i believe gravity is in play here. the weight of the gun / ammo perhaps? i am not sure. maybe an ED person will know more.
  6. the GAU-8 returns the spent casings to the to the ammunition drum. the ammunition weighs 3400 pounds before firing. returning the casings assists with balance of the aircraft. some M61 have dual ended feed and do return casing to drum. during testing it was noted that spent casings and links could get sucked into engine. that would be bad.
  7. I too have noticed this when NWS engaged below 70. Example. I taxi and stop short of runway. Applying brakes via button pulls to left.
  8. Windows 1903? An earlier post gave you a link to the latest Windows build. End of life for 1903 was December 2020 1903 EOL So you created a USB with an already out of date OS? You likely were not doing Windows updates as you said you were doing.
  9. yeah sorry. i got confused with the 146 replies on this topic and missed that AutoDESK reference was from another user. and i still have not seen a description of what you are doing to do a fresh install of windows.
  10. fair enough. you could share what your process is to do a fresh install windows. you mention AutoDESK and not knowing what it is. AutoDESK is a design software company and does not get installed with windows fresh install. hence why i am not convinced you are doing a fresh install.
  11. i tried to help earlier in this thread and just ran across it again. i see that windows has had "fresh installs" multiple times. correct? can you describe how you do this? there are many ways to do an install of windows. another thought, if you are indeed doing a fresh install of windows, what are the commonalities afterwards. it points to hardware. do you have the ability to use a fresh drive to reinstall windows (you can do a trial for testing), install all the mfg drivers, gfx drivers, dcs. i am just wondering if each time you do a fresh install you are dragging trash along. when i first go
  12. @Fakum bahahah. oops. so i ran across something of interest for my noted issues. i found that one of my issues was causing windows file explorer to freeze for a second and then refresh, making the top sorted files go to the top. i did some digging and found that some people had this issue and the fix was to turn off the Windows slide show. it also seemed to affect chrome. since i stopped my slideshow, i no longer have the stutter issue. i know odd but maybe worth a shot to at least try.
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