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  1. Awesome formation flight at BlackShark Den.
  2. Well, that's fine I guess. The moving map is enough already for a nice navigation.
  3. 12 continuous years of endless threads for the Ka-50 about why we should or shouldn't have AA capability. And this is starting all over again. I feel so sorry for you ED!
  4. Hi! Will the hind have an optional 3D implementation of the NS430?
  5. As excited as we were when the MC showed up for the Huey, we ended up really using it only for instructions where it offers an amazing experience for the IP as well as for the student. Now when it comes to combat missions, except for some students willing to take part in it as an observer or under the supervision of a certified Pilot in Command, we found very little opportunity to crew the Huey. Everyone just want to fly the machine and let superhuman side gunners deal automatically with threats rather than having a real guy who can barely see anything and mostly spread around targets unless they are at point blank range. We have even seen Huey pilots refusing to have humans gunners because of this. So to come back to the Mi-8, sure MC will be greatly appreciated for the same reasons than the Huey, but probability to have someone willing to crew the Engineer seat is zero. And when it comes to man gunners, there will be the same resistance than with the Huey.
  6. Just practice again and again and get this muscle memory (and setting your curves on the cyclic is also a good idea). Helicopters are not planes: they requires skills to fly.
  7. The twist grip on the collective controls the engines RPM and it is supposed to be left to full (100%) all the time after startup. Your engine RPM indicator should align all the time with your rotor RPM or something is wrong. On some basic helicopters like the Schweizer 300 I believe, with no correlator system, pilot needs to adjust the engine's RPM a little when pulling or pushing the collective to respectively avoid rotor's droop or overspeed. But in the case of the Mi8 and all the current DCS choppers, engine's RPM are automatically regulated as you are changing the torque with the collective. I have seen some DCS fixed wing pilots trying to fly choppers like they were a plane by playing with the engine's power. This did not end well.
  8. Thanks for sharing @bradmick. Good stuff here. Although ultimately the community will certainly come with 3D printed solutions that will very closely match the actual controls. Our pilots at Black Shark Den have already been able to create exact functional replicas of the 58D collective and adapt real Mi24 parts to work with DCS. I have no doubt this will also happen for the 64 although the collective for this aircraft is the weirdest I have seen so far.
  9. @Veseroth, if this is a general statement and not one specific about DCS, then you don't really understand what you are talking about. A GPU runs at what it is required by the program that needs its resources. That's why CPU are benched against software like SuperPI or PassMark CPU that don't call instructions from the GPU and as such, gives results irrelevant from the GPU installed. Regarding DCS, although there was a significant improvement over the years, the nature of this sim inherently relies on the CPU for pretty much all the calculations (and pretty much on only one core too). The framerate one usually gets in regard to the level of graphic details certainly should be a hint to you: GPU is not, far from it, the bottleneck in DCS (but ED certainly takes every little bit of RAM they can find to store those huge maps textures).This is progressively changing as ED is putting a lot of effort in making VR for example more accessible to wider audience, and the flip to Vulkan engine should hopefully really be the game changer; this is when I expect to see my GPU more heavily loaded and also more fps from my sim.
  10. Although I don't deny the fun aspect, and it's perfectly fine by the way, the only confirmed air-to-air helicopter battles in the history of warfare was with Iraqi Mi-25s flying against Iranian AH-1J Sea Cobras, although these would be pretty loosely classified as a "dogfight" since the Iranian AH-1J's "crept up" on the Mi-25's. If you fixed wing guys think you will fly helicopters like what you do in your jets, there is a good chance that you'll be sorely disappointed. This is not the same world at all and it takes completely different sets of skills. From US perspective, most air to air weapons carried on a chopper are meant to be defensive, if there are any air to air weapons available at all. A lot of these capabilities has been indeed removed as the US doctrine assumed (rightly or wrongly) that air superiority will always be on the US side anyway. There is always a way to play with DCS on whatever scenario, likely or not. It happens in some of our missions at BSD that Mi-24 threats are there and it is actually possible to shoot them down with a Ka-50 Vikhr (or obviously a Mistral from a Gazelle), but this necessarily requires a good picture from a human operator as AWACS or some good mission design. It is not considered realistic though. But the fun is real.
  11. Looking amazing. But why showing this in FW? This maps is made to be flown low and slow. It's too gorgeous!
  12. Well, to do this there is no need for a sight at all (or courage in that case). Fly over a town above 2000 ft in case some of the civilians down there have an AK47, don t aim at anything, just drop.
  13. Well, as much fun as it would be, I have to admit that releasing bombs above targets is something that almost never happen in our missions. As Viktor said, it is stupidly dangerous, not only because you have to fly over your target, but also because a bomb as small as 100kg is very likely to blow your Mi-8 up. There is a procedure in the Mi-8 manual to release bombs while using the current site. The problem is that this procedures becomes exponentially inacurate as you are flying higher (and by higher I mean really a few hundred feet higher, I am not talking about high altitude drop). So you are quickly attracted to fly low to make sure you hit the target (like 200 ft) but this put you into the blast radius very fast. So, yes, I am pretty sure that there will be no real application in our DCS missions for that.
  14. Agree with Fargo. Flying choppers IRL or in DCS is a lot more demanding than flying a fixed wing. You know what one says: airplanes are meant to stay up in the air; helicopters are meant to fall out of it.. Those extra skills required compared to flying a jet, this is where all the fun is. Every control you move (and there are 4 of them, collective, throttle, cyclic, rudder) will require correction on all the other ones at the same time (well, maybe not the throttle, it'll stay at full power all the time). I understand the investment in a rudder is very significant and I am not going to blame anyone who does not want to invest this amount of money in what is, after all, a video game. But you'll hardly appreciate a chopper in DCS, or master it, without a real rudder, no matter how good you think you are with a twist grip. Even more than you can't get rid, afaik, of the centering mechanism of a twist grip, a centering that doesn't occur in a helicopter. I can imagine how painful it might be to have to maintain all the time some rudder input while flying. It most likely also throw everything off whenever you you are moving the cyclic. I suppose the AH64D is a modern enough chopper that it will get some SAS system that will ease the workload, a bit like the Ka50. But for the current choppers in DCS like Huey, Gaz and Mi-8, it is a different story...
  15. Same here for one of our server (using Azur's cloud hosting). No matter what is checked (remember login, remember password), when started it always ask for login and password. Would love to hear if someone got a solution for that. Thanks.
  16. BaD CrC

    Custom Maps

    And how would you expect the navigation system knows what the image file represents and where's your location is wrt to it?
  17. Can hardly say better than John here. The Mi8 FM is as realistic as it can be provided you are flying her in game as you would fly her IRL. The moment you are trying to do stupid things in game that would kill you IRL, then all the equations of the FM are probably starting to output some weird stuff. This is where the difference sits between a sim pilot and an arcade/video game one. Those guys trying to pull stunts in DCS choppers belongs to the second category. This has nothing to do with skills. We had a few guys like this who showed up at the squadron. They didn't stay very long. Once they finished doing their loopty loop in front of everyone and started to fly combat missions with us, they very quickly realized that they have a better chance to impress in Arma III than in DCS.
  18. Really nice pic. Thanks for sharing.
  19. When everyone was telling "16Gb is more than enough for DCS", I went to 32Gb and never regretted it with maps like Syria or even PG sometimes. For my new built, I went for 64Gb since everyone is telling me that "32Gb is more than enough for DCS".
  20. If your are comfortable with mods Segax, you should use Upuaut's helipads instead of the monstrosity FARP we have to deal with for 12 years . Several of those FARPS have a very small footprint (one is even invisible) and can be used as refueling points anywhere you want. Drop some vehicles like what was explained by fudabidu and you'll get a nice refueling/rearming point in this small clearing in the middle of the forest.
  21. Apparently not Dimi. Are you using a free google drive?
  22. Very interesting feedback @Hook47 . Thanks for that. At BlackSharkDen we are now working on the communication flow inside the cockpit and the art of using the M134 on the Huey thanks to this new multicrew capability. Sure our Huey pilots are already painfully feeling the difference between the previously super human AI side gunners who could pinpoint a guy with an AK47 at night in the middle of trees and shoot him with sniper level precision, and having a real guy behind the gun... But also, and correct me if I am wrong, the M-134 fired from the side of a chopper appears to be used more as a fire suppression weapon. The problem with DCS AI infantry, beside being pretty immune to bullets, is that they are also totally fearless and keeps shooting back despite being sprayed with lead. I wish there was a way to improve that.
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