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  1. BaD CrC

    Custom Maps

    And how would you expect the navigation system knows what the image file represents and where's your location is wrt to it?
  2. Can hardly say better than John here. The Mi8 FM is as realistic as it can be provided you are flying her in game as you would fly her IRL. The moment you are trying to do stupid things in game that would kill you IRL, then all the equations of the FM are probably starting to output some weird stuff. This is where the difference sits between a sim pilot and an arcade/video game one. Those guys trying to pull stunts in DCS choppers belongs to the second category. This has nothing to do with skills. We had a few guys like this who showed up at the squadron. They didn't stay very long. Once
  3. Really nice pic. Thanks for sharing.
  4. When everyone was telling "16Gb is more than enough for DCS", I went to 32Gb and never regretted it with maps like Syria or even PG sometimes. For my new built, I went for 64Gb since everyone is telling me that "32Gb is more than enough for DCS".
  5. If your are comfortable with mods Segax, you should use Upuaut's helipads instead of the monstrosity FARP we have to deal with for 12 years . Several of those FARPS have a very small footprint (one is even invisible) and can be used as refueling points anywhere you want. Drop some vehicles like what was explained by fudabidu and you'll get a nice refueling/rearming point in this small clearing in the middle of the forest.
  6. Apparently not Dimi. Are you using a free google drive?
  7. Very interesting feedback @Hook47 . Thanks for that. At BlackSharkDen we are now working on the communication flow inside the cockpit and the art of using the M134 on the Huey thanks to this new multicrew capability. Sure our Huey pilots are already painfully feeling the difference between the previously super human AI side gunners who could pinpoint a guy with an AK47 at night in the middle of trees and shoot him with sniper level precision, and having a real guy behind the gun... But also, and correct me if I am wrong, the M-134 fired from the side of a chopper appears to be used more as a
  8. I am not flying in VR with the realsimgear Apache600.
  9. Because the F18 boys are making a lot more noise Crash. You can try ED Discord server also, but I almost guarantee you'll be ridiculed by the FW kids before ED even got a chance to read your request. There is no safe place for us there and admins are almost exclusively FW fans. Choppers pilots are such a minority among an already niche that your voice will not be heard. Sorry. We kinda learnt to live with that and hoped that anything corrected in the FW modules will eventually have a positive indirect consequence on the RW ones. BlackSharkDen Squadron - For RW only
  10. Lol, I believe you kengou! Anything in development at ED that is NOT a chopper will come first. Even an old WWII bomber. After all these years, it feels like devs are working on choppers only on their free time. (Mi24 was announced way before all those F-xx and the update for the Ka50 BS3 also way before the A10C II).
  11. I don't think there is a race between PC and ED. PC was planning to release the 58D end of this year. I don't think ED made such statement for the 24. So it would make sense that the 58 will be ready before the 24. Now what could make the difference is that PC claims that their module will be in release state while it is not impossible that ED will release the 24 the same way they did with the 18 and the 16, vastly unfinished with many systems and weapons added as the patches were released month after month. I agree that the OH-58D will probably make more sense in a structured RW squadro
  12. Are you talking about GPU load or VRAM? Usually DCS is not using much GPU, much more the CPU, but it is using pretty much every bit of VRAM it can get. My 11Gb are filled 96% but GPU load is barely above 40%
  13. For those like Astralnut who are (now were) wondering who to contact, you can PM me or just go to the website or Discord server, following the links provided in the first post. Thanks!
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