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  1. Bump. Still no attempt to address this clear issue by the devs. Cool.
  2. Here is my latest log. I just had a friend check and sure enough he was on my server and showing up in the web gui but as soon as i checked the tac files folder he has no tac file! Here is my log file. dcs.log The files are being stored on the clients PC , but that obviously has nothing to do with why the server isn't recording them though. Well that's strange. The guy I had testing it (Viper) didn't get any tac file created but then two other guys just joined and it created a tac file in each of their names) Hmmmm
  3. Hmm curious @BuzyBeeIt seems to only be saving tac view files for my client now, not other people who jump on the server!
  4. @BuzyBeeyou are a superstar sir. I'm unable to try this ATM (at work) but I will most definitely try it later on thanks so much!
  5. Hi Guys I'm having a brain fart kinda day. I'm running Tacview on my servers and almost everything is working correctly however when the program/plugin saves tracks on the server its saving it as a full file and not an individual file for each user. Now I run these instances as dedicated servers WITHOUT GPU's in them, so whereas i would normally just enable the option to "create file for each client" in the tac view options in game, I'm unable to do this on my servers , is there a way to enable this feature via lua in option.lua or something ? thanweirdly and ks in advance. Martin
  6. Well they obviously don't care about this issue which would hardly take any time to fix. For me at least the game is unplayable now , (using the hornet at least). Great.
  7. Not for me it wasn't . Clock fix didn't fix a thing , still showing the error that my dlc (A102) Isn't authorized and will be disabled. I've tried the clock fix the windows updates fix rolling back to stable , which it weirdly also does the same thing on now. Repair and clean installs. Finally I have removed all mods i ever had on it .
  8. h none of the above worked for me, tried everything from setting the date as mentioned, making sure windows 10 is up to date as bignewy mentioned, tried rinning stable, same deal. Done a repair install, Clean Install. Just continue to be shown this on startup of the game!
  9. Bignewy responded to the old thread for all that care, Still not much of a solution but at least they are apparently looking into it!
  10. There are multiple people in this very thread telling you it isn't working correctly. They have also offered multiple solutions to the issue. This is easily repeatable if as I mentioned on discord you use a warthog HOTAS and set the thumb stick to be your TDC control and depress and then turn off realistic TDC slew in the options. As it stands I and many others cant use the A2G radar on the hornet with the current implementation. "Needs to be treated the same way as the maverick slew was when Realistic TDC was turned off by the user." IMO it should be mentioned to the devs not the te
  11. I've mentioned it to Big Newey on discord but he just tested it and said his is working . LOL. Needs to be treated the same way as the maverick slew was when Realistic TDC was turned off by the user.
  12. This so much this. I use the Communications part of my warthog throttle to control my TDC depress and slew and it wont work for the Air To Ground EXP modes, i use mu mouse nipple thing as my discord p2t, not everyone uses the nipple for TDC slew. ED fixed this for the maverick slewing surley there are other people with this issue. I've mentioned it to Big Newey on discord but he just tested it and said his is working . LOL.
  13. Thanks surrexen , I shall use this on my severs great work sir. Random question, is clear field also undergoing a makeover?
  14. What would be the best way of implementing this on a larger scale meaning the way I would like to use it in my missions would be to physically place a bunch of units at each of the red airfields then have the slots become available once the airfield gets captured by blue. Would there be a way to do this without having to use tons and tons of triggers in each mission (as it happens i do have 2 trigger zones at each airbase for CTLD purposes but if there's a way to implement this on a larger scale without using those zones I'm all ears! Thanks Ciribob for yet another great script.
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