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  1. Ok so it looks like it's all sorted. I was not verbalising BOTH decimal values for the radio freq. Interesting that these commands are still not listed in editor drop down list. Sorry for the final rookie mistake :)
  2. Thanks @hornblower793 !! I ended up importing an old VA profile and it all started working again with a minor exception. I cannot get the ARIO commands to be recognised except for TACAN Tune. For example RADIO Tune is not recognised at all, interestingly this command is not listed in the Viacom Editor tab command phrase drop down.... ARIO is otherwise enabled and working as the Tacan Tune command is working. I have tried resetting all options to regenerate the Viacom pro database but Radio Tune, Link Tune and Map Marker are still not in the drop down list... any suggestions??
  3. Hey All, I am still wrestling with this and noticed that its not limited to the F14. For example I can lower thr landing gear in the F18 with a custom VA command but whenever I try any of the official VA commands like attempting an ATC inbound call nothing happens and I see the PTT use active node error in the VA app log. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi All! I have been wrestling with this for weeks and have not been able to get ARIO working after rebuilding my PC. Other custom VA commands are working fine, just all the ARIO commands are recognized but not passing through to DCS. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Ben
  5. If only you had asked 6 months ago! I bought a second 1080ti just to try and get SLI working without success so I sold it. I really hope you have success with getting it working. I would be tempted to buy another one if it meant significantly more FPS.
  6. I have the same issue I think. Interestingly when I right mouse click on the command directly with the mouse and execute from within the profile I see the following pop up in game. "Airio: Radio command out of range". I have also tried exporting and importing a new VA profile that already includes the Tacan, Radio and Datalink commands with no luck in getting those specific commands to be recognized.
  7. Hi All, Should the new Radio Tune, Tacan Tune commands appear in the VA config app keyword list? Currently I cannot for the life of me get VA to recognise these commands. All other Jester commands appear to be working and I have these new commands copied into the VA profile as per the manual. I have had this working before I rebuilt Windows which makes this all the more annoying. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers Ben
  8. AppCrash on opening SimShaker Beta App Hey Guys! I was hoping someone might have some advice for me in that in the last week this application has started to immediately crash when opening. I see it briefly in the task tray but when I hover over it it, it immediately closes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling without any success. I am running the latest version of Windows 10 and try to keep all drivers at the very latest. Below is the XML data from the two Application Log event entries that get recorded when attempting to open the app. Any suggestions or advice would be grea
  9. Update: Once I changed the DCS 'Special' communications option back to 'Default' the communications menu started to work again and my VA voice commands. Winning... :)
  10. I managed to get it working by doing a master reset of the Lua code from within VA and restarting the app. Now to figure out how to get the 'Communications Menu' to reliably open as the default binding of '\' doesnt work and changing to another keyboard key gives similar results...
  11. Hi All, I am having issues getting the 'VAICOM PRO for DCS World' menu to detect the F-14 when it detects the F-18 fine. I would like to ask if the issue is due to there not being any F-14 references in the following file: *.\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts\VAICOMPRO\VAICOMPRO.export.lua I am on the beta branch of VA and have uninstalled\reinstalled a few times. VA - VIACOM - Many Thanks Ben
  12. Hi All, I know this is an old thread but it describes exactly what I want to do. Is it still the case that DDIs cannot be exported to another monitor whilst in VR? It would be awesome to be able to flip up the headset and use the screens on occasion. Thanks
  13. I tried testing again today speaking 'Comm 1' the radio does change from the manually set channel 1 to M. Then when I say ' frequency xxx' the radio changes to a random stud value then gives me the correct audio read back. I had hoped this was just me not pre-setting the radios to channel 1 before attempting to use but alas I don't think this is my issue. Any ideas?
  14. Hi! I see this has been discussed recently but I am not sure how to get voice commands on the radios to work correctly. When I give the following example command I get the correct audio read back but the radio gets set to an incorrect frequency. Comm 1 Frequency 270 Also as a side not just incase it is important I have the Viacom profile set as the main selected profile with your profile and another containing other custom commands I created as linked profiles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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