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  1. Thanks for the reply Thanks heaps for the reply Lads its had me a bit stumped I know they changed up some of the drag values in this update and I wasn't sure if that may have been causing a thrust or aerodynamic performance issue :/ I guess I may have just been overthinking this hahahaha thanks again for your replies. :)
  2. Hey guys I have been noticing a possible wing sweep issue and just want to see if it is actually one at all. Currently, at full mil power with just tanks and Aim-9s the wings don't seam to reach full sweep anymore since the new update 2.5.6 at all Altitudes the wings only seam to reach full sweep once I push the throttles to full Reheat I've tried everything in regard to master reset and other than manually sweeping the wings full aft they don't seam to move past 61 not 68 they only way I can get them to reach 68 is with a totally clean F14b with no pylons or anything. My last test was at
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