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  1. I'm in! Please add me to the list. This is like my dream VR control.
  2. Sorry I missed this! I do think the tone certainly improved (text can be a bitch) in the main thread very quickly. Heck, it's even been stickied, doesn't look like that's suppressing discussion to me. I'd just like to point out that while I had some comments on some of the initial responses, I (again) feel that it was handled pretty well later in the thread and pretty much textbook in the 2nd thread. That's why I've been focusing my responses in this thread almost exclusively on the idea that having ED reach out to server owners and start up a direct dialogue (OFF the forums!) would be
  3. Yep- all of those things happen and I've acknowledged it. It doesn't seem to be the most effective way to do it. Maybe I'm not clear, but I'm talking something where the company is reaching out rather than the customer is reaching out. That, which is the only thing I'm suggesting, does not seem to happen. (Yeah- I talk about some PR tactics in the initial post, but those items of concern have long-since been dealt with on the main threads.) Yet again, I am not in any way saying this should be applied to every complaint on the forums. I'm saying, 'pick a select group of people and do it'. We
  4. Come try out Through The Inferno. They're clamoring for improved MP and they have everything you're looking for. Multiplayer DCS is definitely not just 'furball bozos' going at it in dogfights- and in fact I think that those sorts of missions work perfectly fine. Also- furball bozos... :D I'm crying, that's great and i'm using it.
  5. I'd like to hear something from you on why it wouldn't work. So far I've heard, - DCS is a successful company that knows how to handle things and doesn't need outside help. - .... Did I miss something else? I mean, that's not a bad argument. They clearly have been doing well or they wouldn't be around. I think the customer base would see this as an olive branch. Communication and interaction with the community ideally drives loyalty, which increases sales and word-of-mouth marketing. Basically, I'd be thinking, 'How do I get all of my customers to be as engaged and supportive as Zhukov?'
  6. I just wish DCS would support SLI with Oculus. No idea if that's an Oculus issue or a DCS implementation of VR issue. I personally don't have many problems that are unique to DCS- it's the same problem of screen door, low resolution, and high GPU usage that I see in any VR game. I also play the A-10C pretty much exclusively, so spotting incoming baddies isn't really my main concern. Going to take a look myself at how VR zoom effects things- that isn't something I've noticed.
  7. Entitled isn't how I'd phrase it, I'd just think it'd be cost effective in terms of communications per people helped to talk to server owners directly in a formal setting. I don't support taking swings at either side, everyone ought to have their fun, but like you say, there are more variables to MP so maybe working with the people who develop and run MP servers will help to fix things. More complex, more resources? Waiting eagerly to see tomorrow's newsletter.
  8. Same as it started! Would love to see ED implement a program where they work directly with server owners, multiplayer mission designers, and 'community influencers' to resolve some of the big complaints about MP, whether that's by identifying and fixing bugs or by identifying problems and best practices for mission design and server operation. Let me hear a yes or a no on that, ideally with reasons if it's a no. I can copy that answer over to the much busier discussions about this on discords and hoggit. I've continued posting because people are bringing up things that I consider at least s
  9. I wouldn't say that it's entitlement. Those server owners represent the quality enjoyment and playtime of dozens or hundreds of unique players. I think it's completely reasonable for ED to reach out to server owners and work with them to find and resolve any issues that may exist. At worst, everyone here that's complaining goes 'Woo! ED is taking it seriously!', at best it helps things get better with less effort. Very happy to hear information from the ED team on upcoming dedicated servers. Sounds like the MP experience is being taken seriously and I hope that continues. :thumbup:
  10. :thumbup: I'll take that as a good faith reply. Professionalism costs nothing and makes everything easier. I saw comments about wanting a dedicated server and Wags reply to it, looks like it'll be good stuff. That doesn't necessarily help with the problems that servers are seeing now, unless it's coming pretty soon. Hopefully we'll find that out tomorrow and this is all a moot point! The proposal to connect ED devs with server owners and mission developers would be intended to resolve current problems which are only seen in specific, though highly popular, scenarios such as high-populati
  11. Yep, +1, 100% agree with this. The important thing isn't 'cows', the important thing is 'look at what our new underlying technology allows us to do!'. Cows are a simple and safe way to implement this that doesn't have any major impact on gameplay. Bravo Zulu, ED.
  12. Show me a reasoned discussion and I'll show you an ad hominem attack? :music_whistling: I disagree that people are complaining at a 'normal' level in this case. We see plenty of 'I get bad FPS' and 'I get disconnected' threads, and there were even a few in the original threads about the state of DCS multiplayer which were quickly shut down by the people who had concerns about the server codebase. The concerning part is when well-respected server owners and mission developers say, 'This is a problem'. Those are people who SHOULD know. Now, I don't want to derail us with a discussion of if th
  13. Thank you for the edit to tone it down and making a point that I can respond to. :thumbup: I disagree that what I propose would in any way hand over creative control. The fact is, this is how major multiplayer servers operate (with highly dynamic missions). If ED cares about the multiplayer component of DCS (and everything I've seen supports that they do care!), this would be a good way to help 1. identify problems in either the code base or common mission design by leveraging the community and 2. allow the community to feel engaged and their concerns recognized. Yes, done really, re
  14. Well, I only had one point to make, and I was just reiterating it to reinforce that. As always, these comments are my opinion on the matter- there are of course things I have no reason to know about, but it did seem like there was a significant push-back from quite a few people who felt the concerns weren't taken seriously. This is all just an idea for how those complaints can be channeled into something useful and productive. Your work (@Nineline) is appreciated and I think helps to make the community stronger! :thumbup:
  15. I mean, personally, I feel like they completely missed the point of my original commentary and chose to debate how I presented it. I won't link it here, but this thread has been continued and discussed pretty significantly over on r/Hoggit, and you can see some expanded ideas and discussions there if you'd like to read them. The fact that these discussions occur with clockwork regularity tells me that the public relations between ED and the community is not as effective as it could be. That may or may not be a priority for ED. :imho: This thread was not, in any way, intended to discuss w
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