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  1. I got a e-mail from HP that a batch that was send to europe was rejected because of faulty cables and that my delivery is going to be delayed to the end of july. I just have to wait a bit longer....:cry:
  2. It is a bug and it does exists for all wmr sets. https://steamcommunity.com/app/719950/discussions/0/1651045226218511368/
  3. So I just ordered one from the official HP store. 6KP43EA#ABB. It is going to replace my VIVE. It should arive arround 25-6 just in time for my holiday. :thumbup:
  4. Have you tried to lower your OC on the CPU. When I go at or above 5Ghz everything except DCS runs great. Lowering it to 4,8 Ghz actually increased my performance by a fair margin. DCS is really picky about overclocks. For reference, I run at pixel density 1.8 and msaa 2x (shadows flat, vis range medium and the VR mod) at a locked 45 fps in the hornet (GPU usage about 90%). Motion smoothing in steamVR disabled, otherwise the fps would drop to the mid 30's now and then. Every bit of text is fairly good readable (with some effort here and there, leaning a bit in). The immersion when landin
  5. The only times we use external power at startup is when doing engine testing and with a functional check flight. So not a standard procedure for all European countries
  6. Problem solved by reinstalling and resetting nvidia graphics drivers.
  7. I have the same problem after the update. Played yesterday before the update several hours without any problems. Today the game freezes or crashes to desktop. No mods installed, performed a repair and a clean of the installation. Happens consistently after about 5 min of playing. single player VR Vive, Caucasus, missions and quick starts. edit: Water setting was always set to LOW. Happen also when not in VR. Attached a better crash log. dcs.log-20181221-113710.zip
  8. I would buy it but only if they also at interesting game mechanics for it.
  9. Had the same issue, can confirm that rebinding the key's solves the problem.
  10. Thanks for the link !. Really help a lot with fps.
  11. It's a setting in the UI layer menu.
  12. Works for me out of the box. No problems with the Kneeboard Builder.
  13. I would say wait at least until ED has released the patch with optimized memory management and then decide. I decided not to spend almost 200 euro's for possibly a bit shorter loading time and maybe less micro-stutter (not that I really noticing any stutters). I play almost exclusively single player campaigns in VR, DCS is installed on a SSD and windows/pagefile/dcs-user folder is installed on another SSD.
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