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  1. I tried your suggestions. It is still very hard to get a direct hit in Auto Mode in the F18. I also thought that this mode was meant for level flight more than dive-bombing? I still have almost a dozen ways to blow this T-90 up. I'm just a comletionist, and it bothers me that I can't get CCRP to work well.
  2. I'm a new player. I've been having fun dropping all kinds of ordinances on this one heavily armored tank I made. I've destroyed him with JDAMS, JSOWS, GBU's, CBU's, and even a bunch of MK82's. My problem is that I can only get kills with the unguided MK82 bombs in CCIP and Manuel mode. I'm pretty sure I am doing everything correctly in Auto Mode, but it just won't hit. I've tried a lot of different ideas in Auto Mode like varying the ripple quantity, I tried from different altitudes between 8,000 and 15,000 feet, I designated my target 3 different ways (TOO, TPOD, and HUD), and I have n
  3. Thanks for the replies. The two modes are so close, I think I'll just stick with SP when hitting the occasional SAM unexepectedly,, and I'll use TOO when I'm actually hunting SAMs.
  4. I watched Grim Reapers videos on both of the two HARM modes (SP vs TOO). They seem the same to me. Lock on, fire, and forget. What's the difference between these two modes? When would one mode be better than the other? Ty.
  5. Ty, I got it now. It works brilliantly even with the BRU-33. I think I was messing up the intervals.
  6. I did some experimenting. This is the only mission that I could not control the quantity and multiple of my M82's in CCIP. Is it possible that this function does not work with the BRU-33. THe BRU-33 holds 2 MK82's per pylon instead of one. I'm confused.
  7. I'm trying to set up a simple CCIP run. I'm trying to drop 2 MK82's at once. When I hold weapons release, only one drops. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong? I attached a very short track file of me setting up the run and the drop. Ty. mk82.trk
  8. I think these tips helped. I might have been moving the stick while trying to engage. Ty.
  9. Sometimes autopilot works fine. Other times, I find myself having to hit altitude hold many times before it works. Sometimes clearing UFC first, and then trying again. It's not a very big deal, but I was wondering if I'm the only one with this problem. Are there perhaps conditions that AP won't engage maybe? Like speed or altitude?
  10. Which rockets are more powerful when compared one to on? The larger older ones (Zuni), or the newer smaller ones (hydra)? My guess would be the bigger, the better, right?
  11. Thanks Nikola, Let me make sure I'm reading you correctly... We have a small rocket for lighter targets (Hydra), and a larger one for heavier targets (Zuni). Then we have a bunch of different launchers like the Lau. But the only difference the launchers make is how many rockets they hold? I hope it's that simple. Thanks again. Practically speaking, do you mess with the fusing, or usually leave it as is?
  12. I fly the F18 in VR. Sometimes the cockpit shaking is too much, and it is hard to read the dash. While I'm sure this is realistic, is there an option to turn it down. I did not see it in options. ty.
  13. Thanks so much! This is so helpful. I wish ED would sticky your responses somewhere. As a new player, it seemed like there were dozens of different weapons. It's much less than that...mostly variants of the 82, 3, and 4. The way you guys categorized them helped me. I'll also check out the manual for more info. I think I'm still a little unclear about rockets though. Hydra, Zuni, Lau? I think someone said that the lau was the launcher? I don't really understand the relevance of that. Are these different warheads? Different rockets? Sorry.
  14. Hello, I enjoy flying around in this sim a lot. One of my many problems is that I've never been in the military, so I don't understand what a lot of the weapons do. I've spent some time researching them on the internet, but the info I got was not that practical for the game. Can anyone just give me a quick simple breakdown of what air to ground weapon is to used on what? Like the different uses of the Mk-82 vs 83. Zuni vs lau. What actually dies when I shoot it with my cannon? I'm getting a lot of direct hits, but not many kills. I'm wondering if it I because I'm using the wron
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