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  1. Hellcat.. or better yet, Corsair, but I think that's already being worked on. Bring on the Pacific theater!
  2. Listening to the Podcast now.. really interesting content, especially on the community management and the specific mitigation of issues, particularly around weapons. One question though, who was snoring in the background?
  3. Hello, As a pilot, aviation-enthusiast and business consultant, I am wondering if there are any podcasts or write-ups in regard to Mr. Nick Grey. Specifically the history of how he founded SSI, ED, his partnership with Igor, how they developed this amazing platform while most others have either failed our been consumed and shelved. His experience as a real-life warbird pilot, and overall passion for aviation. There have been a couple of fantastic podcasts on Matt Wagner and his history; I'm wondering if there's anything like that for Mr. Grey. I would think it would be super ins
  4. Have you tried Googling F18 natops? It's the first link that pops up... and BTW, it's NOT classified.
  5. As a descendant of Gregory Boyington.. I am also very enthusiastic about the introduction of the F4U Corsair as well as the Mariana's map into the DCS World. Working from home during this time of quarantine, I have a signed print of Boyington making his 21st kill in the Corsair right in front of me every day. Cheers!
  6. I was; looks like registration is fixed. Thanks.
  7. From your site... "Sorry, registration is currently disabled"
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