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  1. Hey guys I have create some profiles for Hotas Warthog in DCS 1,i want to ask 1st Where in DCS Files are ? (path) 2nd Can I move them copy paste in same File but for DCS 2?
  2. hahahahaha Total confusing. I think ED made big mistake running 3 versions in same time all community is total chaos and split.I hope be the last time that did that. Please give us ONE VERSION OF THE GAME so all play together,we do not need one million versions.
  3. Big Mistake by ED that split Community in three Parts,very big mistake.The community is too small for that.
  4. Shall we have a Flight Manual for new SU-27 in Game?
  5. http://www.mediafire.com/download/q6...Blue_TRACK.rar Where must put this Archives for watch Replay.I mean what file of DCS?
  6. of course we have internet access.But in my homew ehave 2 PC and we want make a server and play together .Is it possible via LAN Conection?
  7. Are possible to connect via Lan in DCS? If yes how I can do?
  8. How can i skip a mission in a Campaign? I want to do hat because i want continue the campaign but it is imposible to have "success" for a specific mission.
  9. Nothing yet. I hadmade more than 10 missions first time see that problem.
  10. Again Nothing. Some very strange things happen.When put "Player" after leave from this plane and go back it is again "Average" .After many tries manage to put 2 planes as Players but again when try to fly was impossible.
  11. Just create a simple mission in Mission Editor.Put as"client" some flyable planes as SU25T and A10 C but when go for play i can not fly .Go me and show the static objects i can not jump in any plane? Any idea what is the mistake?
  12. Any idea for a good Cockpit for DCS of course?
  13. Sorry and from me guys very sorry ,family problems (kidssssss) not allowe me to come.
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