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  1. Similar loss here. From 40-45 down to 20 or even less on instant action F-18 8v8 On Samsung Odyssey +
  2. I will be so chuffed if a version 4 appears in this thread :)
  3. I use it with Joystick Gremlin and vJoy to turn each of the three positions into virtual buttons. I then usually bind them to a planes modes. ie. AA/AG and Nav
  4. Thanks, that’s a shame the original looks so much better to me in looks and in functionality
  5. Yes that's what I'm saying. I'm after the original CM :) I didn't see anything about it being discontinued it only came out last year and it was restocked last month. :(
  6. I only see one throttle the VPC MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle the VPC MongoosT-50CM which I'd rather have is gone, was there when I checked last week. Is still on the Russian store.
  7. I wanted the 50cm throttle but it's vanished from the rest of the world store. Still appears in the Russian store Did grab Warbrd base and 50cm2 grip though.
  8. Similar to you, I used to put together my PCs. Last two I bought from Chillblast. One back in 2014 and one a couple of months ago. I liked the first one enough that I didn't hesitate to go back when I needed a new one. Had little experience with their customer service, but what I did have was positive. Impressed by the tidiness of their builds as standard and happy with the value for money. Unless something changes I'll get my next from them in a few years.
  9. It does work yes, but only gives you a range to them, not a bearing.
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