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  1. Syria runs smooth for me, same as the other maps. 70-120 FPS in VR on my older-gen PC, 1080Ti, Pimax Artisan normal FOV. Not intended as gloating because I used to have all sorts of performance problems, so I totally understand the frustration. But I thought perhaps you could use some encouragement in that your efforts are not in vain: there probably is a solution somewhere. Dunno if this will help, but FWIW: I have all shadows off, MSAAx2, VRmaxprerenderedframes=4 in NVCP, DCS PD=1.0, SteamVR supersampling (combined equivalent) 100%, very latest Nvidia driver 461.40. And Smart Smo
  2. Is there any way to change the VR Zoom magnification value in DCS World, like by editing a config file or something? I greatly appreciate the fact we have 2 options now (VR Zoom and VR Spyglass Zoom), but I'd still like to make the VR Zoom a little bit smaller than it is, for in-cockpit use. Or, if the devs would add a selection of multiple Zoom options like IL2 has, that would be even better!
  3. I use that same OBS plugin with my Pimax and it gives me 60fps, or whatever I tell it to be under Settings/Video/IntegerFPSValue. I wonder why your WMR gets locked at 15-20?
  4. Yeah, upon further testing the (subjective) visual quality may not actually be as good as I originally thought. Definitely still an FPS boost, but not exactly a free one. My bad. I am really enjoying the smooth VR performance lately!
  5. Here is another FPS boost that only just started to work for me just recently. Based on others comments I had tried this before like 7 months ago without success, but for some reason I tried again this week and it works for me now: Reduce SteamVR SuperSampling to 50%. Increase PiTool Render Quality to 1.25. Leave DCS VR Pixel Density at 1.0 (none). For me this gives about 15-20 more FPS, AND slightly better image quality as my previous settings (SVR SS 100%, PT RQ 1.0, DCS PD 1.0). I know the setting value uses a different scaling factor than Steam does, but perhap
  6. I get a weird halting every few frames while flying on the deck (looking at trees going by) IF Smart Smoothing is ON. Only in DCS, not any of my other sims. With it turned OFF, it is perfectly smooth. However, at all other altitudes, I usually prefer Smart Smoothing to be ON because there is no halting, and it improves the perceived FPS at 120Hz. So, it would be great if Pimax would enable hot-keys to allow switching Smart Smoothing on-the-fly, similar to how Oculus does already with ASW (Ctrl-Numpad-1,2,3,4). I already asked the devs via reddit a few months ago, a
  7. Same thing in IL-2 GB, I just noticed. No PP required there either now. Seems like too big of a coincidence for both devs to do it at the same time? Edit: Apparently IL-2 did fix it last month, in their patch notes. I still can't find it in ED's notes, but it seems they must have done it too. Nice!
  8. Thanks. Do you mean fixed by ED in DCS? As in they recently updated DCS VR to handle canted HMDs natively? Because it definitely still went cross-eyed in the zoom back in June. I must have missed the patch notes then. Or was it in a SteamVR update maybe?
  9. I'm curious how many fellow Pimaxers here have tried turning off Parallel Projections lately? I just did yesterday and was impressed with the big (30%?) jump in FPS on my Artisan. Also the image resolution even looks a bit better to me, but I also turned on Steam Advanced Super-sample Filtering at the same time. NB: I'm on the latest Beta PiTool , but not sure if that matters. 100% Steam SS, 1.0 SS in DCS, 1.0 RQ in Pitool. I had tried this earlier this year, but it seems to me the cross-eyed zoom trade-off isn't as severe as it once was. I may just rock th
  10. The first report was in May, and now we are in October. Has there really been no progress on this issue yet? Was it at least acknowledged by ED somewhere, and I just missed it?
  11. A 9-year old thread, but it helped me do my own pedals last week, so I just wanted to say thank you. Definitely an improvement and not very hard to do. Just so many freaking base screws to remove!
  12. Here is the official forum source for it: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pitool-1-0-1-262-july-20-2020/29625 Yes, for fair testing I disabled smart-smoothing first, so I wouldn't just get fps-capped at 60 (in 120Hz mode). Oddly, it seemed a bit less smooth when I re-enabled sm-sm later on, but I didn't restart the game (or Pitool) immediately so it could have been due to that. Or possibly the random mission I was messing with by that time. I used a simple 4-plane / no ground unit mission for testing originally.
  13. FYI, the brand-new Pitool v262 gives a huge 30% fps boost in DCS World (and other sims) compared to v260/261. Remember to uninstall the previous version first, and also I had to install the new one as administrator or else it failed. I was already using FW v264, which I had from last month. YMMV, but I was totally blown away by the change.
  14. Thanks for the reply. To clarify: my 2nd question was about the base stations, not the HMD. The FOV of the 2.0 base station is a bit wider than 1.0 from what I heard, hence room coverage may be larger, or possibly better occlusion resistance or something? But I assumed that wouldn't really matter for seated use (i.e. not moving around the room). Has anybody tried both 1.0 and 2.0?
  15. Q: Pimax HMDs work with either the original (SteamVR 1.0) or latest (SteamVR 2.0) base stations, correct? Q: Is there any noticeable difference in performance between those 2 devices when using them? I believe the FOV is a bit wider now, but for seated-only could I even tell?
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