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  1. it sucks you just missed the free trials because you could have tested them. I own every module (except that bi plane). I agree with pretty much everything people have said above. For me the enjoyment of a module is first and foremost how it "feels" and by that i mean the flight model. If anyone here flew the farmer/mig19 in the first few months after release, you will know how badly a flight model can be made where it "runs on rails". Any flight control movements failed to cause a single adverse effect to the rest of the plane. They since half way addressed this. In te
  2. The biggest drain on thrust from engines BY FAR is the bleed (vs the electric generator). The bleed is literally bleeding (who'd have guessed) thrust from 1 (or more) of the stages in the engines. Typically this is used to pressurize anything (cabin/suit etc) as well as provide options for window defog, crossbreed ignition, anti ice for engine cowl and/or LE parts of the wings. Not all aircraft are going to have all these, but going off memory, I know for sure the F18 have bleed switches/dials/levers and i'm almost sure the F16 does. The F14 has some VERY LOUD bleed air in the cock
  3. This is the worst part of the super carrier and while adding static objects all over the desk is obviously gonna cause difficulty, having just 3 aircraft (E2, S3b, f18) crash into each other in single player while under AI control is a bit disappointing. I've tried setting up a sort of endless patrol using 4-5 groups (using the refueling land option then after take off cycling waypoint back) and it's like every AI is trying to do it's own thing as if no other object exists in the universe, and If it does, then it's gonna crash into it should their natural paths cross
  4. There is zero point auto throttling the f18 for approach because trimmed for approach when dirty config you are controlling the rate of descent with the throttle, and not the stick. The FCS trims so perfectly for AoA (instead of 1g once gear is down) you can fly the f18 using nothing more than 2 throttles if you want - but regardless of that, if you auto throttle it, your gonna create thrust induced ossilations. This is very different than say f14 that doesn't have a FBW doing this.
  5. In my experience the DCS replays are very good for making short video (eye candy) clips accurately, but add any length, windy weather and complexity into the equation (carrier ops especially) then just expect the first minute of replay to go wrong and it will quickly get worse. I know for sure using VR to manipulate something (say jester or HMD) is worthless and not recorded at all
  6. There's very little noticeable difference (for me at least) but in the f14 it's absolutely massive at slowing the speed. And for the clever dik who's gonna say "that's coz the cat has bigger elevators... LOL" I would like to stick with theme of OP and suggest a small bit of drag would still be nice, you're still sticking a few m^2 worth of drag into the airflow.
  7. This is perhaps an insult, but I can't know. Are you sure you have LoS between yourself and the awacs during the taxi (you mention you lost the link between startup/TO). Another thing to check/rule out - the F14 pilot slot has the Jester command button - try asking jester to "tune datalink -> awacs"... I suggest trying this, coz jester menu will NOT let you choose aircraft in radio/datalink that it has no LOS with (or other issue) - so its worth checking to help narrow it down. Other than that I can't say, i'm sure you'll get the "try without mods" responses, but if
  8. Hi, as post says, during the purchase of this (before it takes you off site to saferpay) there is a 506 error / bad gateway, but a "confirm" button down below that seemingly works and still lets you buy ok. Just a heads up because it makes for a messy, (yet seemingly possible) purchase. About to update and see!
  9. I read the entire thread because, as anyone who's flown into big battles knows, the RWR is almost useless for reasons stated in the OP. As always there is a balance between "realistic Vs classified Vs known vs practicable coding" In my humble opinion, range/signal strength aside, a very useful change would be to reduce the emitters locked radar beam width, and/or reduce the RWRs tolerance to class off-beam (say >3') detection as a spike. I'm am sure there are complex real world examples where a radar lobe reflects off the ground and some other unrelated aircraft got spiked, but this i
  10. I have got back from a week away and tried the new F18 radar features in the editor creating a simple mission which included bandits, and I noticed after using AG radar modes EXP1-3 (worked fine btw) after bombing was done and I came back to nav, then switching to AA as bandits came, i couldn't change various radar settings (range&elevation for example). To lock enemy targets i had to mash the undesig button while in AA mode, which seems unrealistic but it worked, as it seems to be a bit of an all seeing eye right now. Also to note - I can still lock up any aircraft, from the ground,
  11. you can slew the TGP - you just need to "sensor select" the side of the cockpit you have TGP on and/or Mav (back and forth). It does work, you don't need to totally undesignate, and I agree with you and look forward to the markpoints - the A10c has a much better "workflow" when it comes to blowing stuff up
  12. I just had a go with DCS for first time in a while and did the hornet/night/case 3 recovery training mission. All works nicely, but being a little out of practice I boltered and hearing the words "bolter bolter..." from LSO was my final communication. As i'm coming back around still hearing nothing I raise contact with the ship, and am given a 28 minute expected recovery time, as if it was my first time contacting the ship all over again. Time was 35min past the hour, so it's doubtful marshall was referring to the minutes, unless I was expected to spin and hold for near 50 minutes. I've
  13. Since 2.5.6 I have noticed both Huey + Mi8 Governor do not respond to my commands to adjust RPM. Checked HOTAS controls and they are still bound correctly (unlike F14 + m2000 where some commands changed lately) - they just dont do anything. Prior to this it gave about +/- 2% Turbine/Rotor and a noticeable audio change to reflect that. I always like those couple extra RPMs on the rotor when hovering and to lower RPM for cruise, to give that bit extra wiggle room in both situations. Please restore them (havent checked other helos) to former functioning, thx
  14. Having this issue as well - it does seem limited to AI radars thankfully, but still major issue. To the people saying "if you are behind a plane, that is being locked by an enemy, in more or less a straight line" - agreed it makes total sense ur RWR would go off, much like if u stand behind someone at night, and that person is having a torch shone at them - some of that torch light would get to you. But if you are as said, 100+ miles away, and way beyond +/- 10 degrees, it shouldn't be ringing, especialy while you are still on the ground. Please do bump this up the priority tasks, abo
  15. every patch now comes alongside the usual "get older stuff people paid for 2-3 years ago working before releasing even more new stuff" vs "ED do an amazing job, go back to stable release if u don't like it" so lets hope today marks a change of course for ED to try combine the best of both these statements: new stuff that don't work won't be pushed into public beta, and remain closed alpha until such time obvious bugs are squashed and larger numbers are unlikely to run into issues most of the time.
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