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  1. Yes, the trick with acc.xyz += atm.inscatter * acc.a does not solve the cannopy flickering. It does not mean, that the root of bug is not the same. Anyway, feel free to post the bug with track file attached.
  2. I can confirm, that efect exist, also confirm that commenting the line acc.xyz += atm.inscatter * acc.a; in the airscrew.fx file cures the issue. But the probability, that someone from ED will check our issue without track file attached is very, very low... So I did. Here:
  3. TF51_PropRefl03.trk there is a weird propeller disk reflection. It is very distracting, as it flashes when moving head. VR only, in left eye. The effect was present also in previous builds. See screenshots and track. Fresh install, no mods, in autoexec options.graphics.stereo_mode_use_shared_parser = false
  4. no, the custom mask may tune it a bit, but it is the lens issue I was very surprised that no one from that YT clowns mentioned it. comparing to G1, it may be more pronounced because the center is razor sharp You will see.
  5. I have moved from G1 to G2 and was disappointed with sweet spot. I am fine with Reverb´s FOV; colors, contrast and tracking are better, yes. Sharpness in the center is incredible, but the sweet spot is very, very small, less than 1/3 of shorter side. Even with custom 3D printed front mask. That G1-> G2 upgrade cost me ~400€ as I have sold G1, but I would pay 500€ more for whole area sharp picture.
  6. Dear friends, does anyone know how to modify sceneVR.lua to have whole the scene pure black? The reason for this is, that some map objects (at least at Normandy) does not have proper opacity, which sucks against uneven background, forest for example.
  7. ouh, thats pity I was relying on You.. just for info: I was blindly experimenting with all figures remaining in your sceneVR.lua version with intention to point camera toward ground to get dark water as background, but no success.
  8. great! could You please modify the background to total black? F10 Normady still sucks, as the forest is pale against sky, see the screenshot
  9. ED, if You mean seriously both VR and WWII, please do something I am sure, you know how to do it, because some birds are OK (Dora), some unplayable (Spit)
  10. You are right, I have just checked the manual; the engine warming instructions are bit different to what I have read in Chuck´s guide. Weird. I give a try tonight.
  11. the same here, SoW server this morning autostart, warming up coolant temperature to 100, Oil to 110 before taxi; taxi, take off, climbing to approx 4000meters with 2700rpm; then bum, engine failure :-( consecutive 3x times!!! some hints: it may have to do something with outside temperature as this behavior is less frequent in afternoon mission, when temperature is a bit higher it may also be caused by prohibited MW-50? (just speculation) cannot remember when I had this failrule on SP please fix or explain how to manage the engine to avoid this
  12. Hi, is this common DCS developers rule to target VRAM to cca 7GB VRAM? If yes, it should be taken it into account when upgrading GPU, especially regarding new nVidia gpus spec.
  13. Normandy is beautiful and is definitively worth, especially if you plan to go MP. Just keep in mind, that the map performs still a bit worse than Caucasus (even though much better than before the update).
  14. Hi wags, your note about performance at 8:15 in video means, that Syria map´s performance above Damascus is simmilar to - Vegas, NE - Caen, NO - Dubai, Gulf - Batumi, Cau ...no, no, do not tell us, it is like the Channel!
  15. works very well, although I use "IC pass" version of kegety´s mod
  16. Thank You for the mod! :thumbup: I can confirm, the mod ver. 1.03 is full IC pass and also have a nice bonus: ~0,20-0,25 ms gain on GPU frametime! ...and unfortunatelly negative bonus ~0,3ms on CPU frametime, but it can be very well compensated by Kegetys Mod, even by the Lite IC pass version. (measured by fpsVR frametime record function) it is pity, that DCS do not implement both mods as an option... :(
  17. is the idea "Native Windows WMR Support for DCS" definitively forsaken?
  18. wju


    well, I have finally solved the problem - I was running DCS in admin mode (dunno why). I have accidentally found the solution on teamspeak forum; they were discussing the same problem with teamspeak. Do not runn DCS in admin mode. It can block the access to the hotkeys for all other software, which does not run in admin mode. Thats it.
  19. seems to be obligatory to report hear about pre purchase. Well, I also preordered! ....and as a VR pilot, I hope, that Syria will be sooner or later VR playable.
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