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  1. I confirm I had this last night, I was logged in and could hear people chatting in the background. we have indeed been having terrible lag issues on 2.5.6 and can't seem to narrow it to one thing although we've tried everything even going so far as to rebuild the entire mission. is there no way to 100% disable the game chat ?
  2. an awesome module, thanks for letting me try it out razbam.
  3. So, when then f18 was coming out there were some guys out there with early access before the official release. I was wondering if something like that is planned with the f14 and what process you'd have to undergo? I'd love to show it off on my channel before it drops. Thanks in advance.
  4. are u guys looking to promote it on some youtube channels? if so I'd be happy to showcase this on my channel prior to ur official launch.
  5. that did it, thank you man. Appreciate that help a lot, was driving me nuts.
  6. Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this map on my HUD only view? I use to have it just fine but the update ruined the HUD only view. I managed to remove the other 2 displays on the right and left but now I can't get rid of this one
  7. Thank you fellas I'll have a look when I get home from work.
  8. hey guys, I'm looking to make some youtube videos I don't know how to save the mission track files after I go online and play the mission with someone else. I'm not presented with an option like in single player to "save track" or anything like that any assistance ?
  9. hey guys i'm trying to set up a server but I can't upload my missions. the server wants them in ".lst" format and all my missions are ".miz" any idea whats going on? I can't set the option to use ".miz" thanks in advance EDIT NVM I GOT IT THANK YOU PLS DLT
  10. hey sorry about the late response I thought the thread was dead. thanks for looking out for plagiarizers mate haha. and thanks buddy I really appreciate the kind words I'll try to continue making content, i'm glad ur enjoying them.
  11. perfect thanks so much for the reply brother. thanks exactly what I needed. and...I'm glad you enjoyed it. actually makes me feel good.
  12. I made this skin (my first time) and I was wondering if someone here minds downloading it and installing it and letting me know if they had any issues. I've had a couple people report problems with the extraction. just wondering if its something I did wrong or if their side is to blame. basically if someone here can do it correctly I know I did it right. please and thank you. I literally only need 1 person. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301623/?sphrase_id=12787668
  13. Does anyone know how to fire the amraams with launch authorization override? Like when ur in the f15 and u hit lalt+w and u can lauch the amraams without a radar lock and it goes and hits the first thing it can find? How do I do this in the hornet?
  14. Ok maybe I'm missing something here when u say visual launch mode? Ur refering to what? The aacq?
  15. Thanks for the reply. What I'm looking for is essentially a mode where I can even turn off my radar but still launch the amraams and have the onboard missile radar do the work for me. Which means theoretically it wouldn't be a aacq or ACM modes or anything like that as they're all technically radar modes
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