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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review this! Makes sense to me though - wasn't sure if there was anything in the mission editor that allows for choosing how much fuel an AI unit receives. I just need to work on my rejoin speed now that I can consistently plug. Looking forward to reviewing the full campaign when I finish it - so far it's excellent
  2. Hi all - working my way through the campaign and so far having a blast. I finished my assigned tasks in Mission 4 and told Weed that we should head to the tanker before landing, as I burned up a little too much while in the mission area. I guess I should have gotten to the tanker first to avoid this issue but when we arrived, Weed plugged and then took all of the fuel from the tanker. Once he disconnected, the tanker item in the comms menu disappeared and I was no longer able to request a join/pre-contact. Amazingly, I was able to land on the carrier in my first attempt but had 500 lbs of fuel remaining by the end of it. Is there a way to limit how much fuel Weed takes to ensure the player can move on if you aren't the first to arrive at the tanker?
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