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  1. That's interesting, because I've always assumed the cartridge was part of a link's structural integrity. Then again, I can't say I've ever handled linked ammunition before.
  2. I'll add that for tech stuff B&H Photo is pretty freaking awesome with good prices and decent customer service. And they're not a flea market of cheap imported knock-off junk all shoveled into the same bin like Amazon and New Egg have become. The only, tiny, caveat is the site is closed for ordering on the weekend for religious reasons.
  3. That Other Simulator had a mod nuke option that I fiddled with years ago and once they detonated you could get up, make a sandwich and grab a beer because it was going to be a while as it computed everything that got damaged. Of course that was like 15 years ago. Besides that, the nuclear delivery subsystems on the aircraft are super crazy classified and I doubt it's something that every pilot gets training on versus a select few hand-picked for nuclear delivery duty.
  4. It gets there by burning at least twice as many watts, if not more. (Look at their TDP and then realize Intel is notorious for outright lying about real world power consumption (measured by a wattmeter) vs. claimed TDP. It might be burning 250+ watts to actually get its full performance. There's also the simple fact that UserBenchmarks simply isn't a very good site for what it claims to do.
  5. I found with my Warthog throttle that you have to set the throttles to idle (not off) and when the plane loads move it over the hump to off for it to register properly.
  6. I use a sound bar for general PC gaming and day to day use, but in DCS (and other VR games). I put on a headset that's supposedly capable of surround sound (which seems to work OK). The main reason I use the sound bar is that I had a crappy Logitech 5.1 surround setup from like 15 years ago, but didn't have a physical place to put the rear speakers. The sound bar wasn't really being put to good use on the television in the living room, but sounded a million times better than the Logitech speakers. My only issue is that I'm using an S/PDIF connector and it's my understan
  7. Well, the only problem for me (with a 1070) is that it's impossible to upgrade if I wanted to because the graphics card market is crazy right now and will be for the foreseeable future.
  8. Either use an ad blocker or pay for YouTube. (I do both because you can't install an ad blocker on an AppleTV and I loathe ads with ever fiber of my being.)
  9. I think it's too busy and cluttered and the diagonal theme just wastes space. I also have my doubts about its ability to cleanly scale to different resolutions and UI scaling, its friendliness to color-blind and other users with poor eyesight and it looks likes it would be the opposite of VR friendly.
  10. In the real plane this would have been followed by your wings tearing off and you falling out of the sky on fire anyway.
  11. I think the requirement on iOS that you must use Apple's payment system - and they take their 30% pound of flesh - is a huge problem and I say that as a recent convert to iOS. It cripples apps like Kindle because unlike on Android you can't buy books in the app itself because Amazon, rightfully, doesn't want to pay that tax. And it's a relatively recent requirement over the course of iOS existing and at the time was seen as extremely consumer and developer hostile. But, having said that, I think a lot of this also includes the parental protections in Apple and Google's payment processing an
  12. I'd be happy if they just fixed the English manual. It's full of typos, mistranslations and just plain sections written in Russian.
  13. I'm still rocking a GeForce 1070 waiting on the 3070 (or whatever I can afford, I'm spending my 2020 income tax return on the best 30xx card I can buy). Gaming is a minor concern compared to the renders I do in DazStudio and I would love to see a ton more VRAM on these new cards (which is rumored, but it might just be a rumor). DazStudio uses nVidia iRay, so I'm stuck with nVidia graphics.
  14. FWIW, large mirrors are known for screwing up quite a few VR setups, too. Windows Mixed Reality is well known for having that problem, as would any "inside-out" style VR system. For that matter, I can't help but think the beacon-style VR tracking wouldn't play well with large mirrors either.
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