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  1. This one got me too : ) Haven't played DCS for a while. Got into the Harrier yesterday and started it up as usual. Nope, glued to the ramp. Tried everything... well almost, not the chocks! So here's the bit where you get to make fun at the noob. I actually went as far as re-installing DCS before reading this thread (face palm) haha.
  2. Not sure if this has been raised before (or if I've overlooked something) but would help if the download size was shown. E.g. the Las Vegas map was 31GB. I started it in the mid-afternoon and it didn't finish until the late evening, which pretty much meant that I couldn't do anything else on the internet for most of the day. Had the download size been shown I would have waited until bed and let it go overnight.
  3. Nice clear summary thanks. Bookmarked : )
  4. Thanks Willur. That could be quite a wait based on the DCS 2018 road map. Might think about getting the 2.5 Open beta. : )
  5. I have the 2.5.0 stable release and don't mind waiting until it updates to 2.5.1, but does anyone know when the beta will likely end? (I purchased the Persian Map, but can't use it until the stable release is updated. : - ))
  6. Good stuff Ramasy and Alfredo. Will give it go when next in game and drop an update post in this spot. UPDATE: Alfredo, spot on buddy. In the default settings LWin + U keys are double bound. Cleared the key binding for REQUEST AWACS HOME BASE and problem solved. Worked like a charm. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Ramsay, will take another look at it but just to clarify, here's my routine with four 4 x AGM-65D's and the TPOD: In Weapons screen. - Select AGM's. - Wait for them to ready. - Master arm, quantity, fuse. - uncage to go into the AGM screen. In the TPOD screen. - Wait it to be ready. - select standby. - Select TDC. - ground the target, slew, etc. At this point have the correct view in the TPOD and AGM screens, but pressing sensor select FWD doesn't do anything i.e. AGM screen wont go to IRMV. So AGM doesn't acquire a lock and can't fire. As said, will take another loo
  8. Not sure it's confined to 2.5.1. I have 2.5.0 and have not been able to get into IRMV mode regardless of how many times I spam sensor select fwd. :)
  9. Thanks BigDuke, will give it try. Also update - since my first post have mapped the left and right mouse clicks onto my controller so can click cockpit buttons quickly and don't have to rely on VA. Much better. So shaping up - losing the mouse cursor is really the main problem ATM.
  10. Thanks BigDuke6ixx. Did consider both solutions. I didn't want to move the task bar because it means changing other stuff on my set up, but I agree this could work. Just reluctant to change my set up for one game. As for using VA to move the cursor to specified pixel co-ordinates, couldn't get this to work in VR because the pixel co-ordinates returned by VA were for the mirror which uses different coordinates depending on the screen, resolution, etc. Was only able to get accurate readings for generic locations like center of active window, etc. Did you have success setting the pixel co-o
  11. New to DCS but have used VR for a while and agree the mouse cursor is a problem in VR. I have the mouse movement bound to my controller and can move it independently of "look at", but it still moves with the HMD as well, so it can be tricky. My comments are based on the Harrier cockpit. My observations: - Its a little hit and miss because the mouse cursor can wobble off the button hit box with slight head movement. Can be frustrating for the hard to reach buttons e.g. DECS switch. - The cursor disappears after a few seconds. Good for immersion, but frustrating when trying to keep the
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