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  1. Ok. I just found in my Settings that you have to enable "Show Signature" But it is there. Thanks again @speed-of-heat
  2. This. The new forums isnt showing the sig lines.
  3. I run 2 standards on my Next Level Racing rig on 3D printed mounts I designed. I have an XL that I keep on my desk for other controls. I also have a mini that I use for other functions that do not need that many buttons. Yes, I have a Stream Deck addiction. But they all have their uses and purposes. I fly mainly in VR so I dont actually use them as much as I could/should, but I have some basic mappings on them. One example is a folder that is just getting things started in the F14... Hide stick, loadout, O2, Ejection seat, launch bar, kneel, salute, etc. Then I go back to the
  4. So I am still able to run the version for OB and pass the IC. Is this still the latest and greatest IC version available?
  5. Last I knew, the b-side songs were still causing CTD's or not working at all.
  6. Good afternoon ED! Can you check the status of order 1018007 please? I purchased the Syria map and paid via paypal (checking account). I show the payment as process in Paypal and it has been deducted from my banking account, however, when looking at the details on the order page it shows as waiting for payment. Not in a rush as I know this was a pre-release purchase, but just want to make sure that this is normal when using paypal. I have tried to purchase before using a cc, but for some reason it is always blocked as the purchase is originating from Russia. Let me kn
  7. Got a link to those? I am currently running 3 8" neewer monitors with mine but looking at making some changes.
  8. I run my main corsair K95 Platinum and Iron Claw mouse, but bolted to my Next Level stand, I have a Logi Trackball on the right and a 81key keyboard on the left.
  9. Appears to be back with the 6/18/2020 update again... Switching between full screen and back and forth several times does not correct the issue. Cmon ED! This has been an issue for a while and kills the VR.
  10. Care to share your F14 hangars?? I am always looking for something new.
  11. I see desk mounts on there... Im sure they have something else though. But those mounts... Hmmm. With that other sim 2020 coming soon, I almost bet it is something related to a Airbus or Boeing passenger jet more than fighters. Especially with the monitor setup they are showing. And the mounts look very wide to be for a trusty WH.
  12. DERacing

    F16 carrier ops

    Youre desperate? Why not just buy a carrier based aircraft?
  13. Been an issue for a while now. It has been reported.
  14. +1000 It would be nice to see more of these options available. Even nicer if ED could incorporate it to include some different scenes now, especially with the super carrier out now... HELLO! ED!!! IS THIS THING ON?!?! :smilewink:
  15. Never had it fail an IC check because of the walkman files... Hmm.
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