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  1. We are currently looking for: 2 X F-16 2 X A10 II drivers We look forward to talking to you!
  2. JTF-111 is recruiting Who are we? JTF111 is a US based - Air Force semi-milsim group. We are primarily flying the F-16C, with plans to fill some A-10CII seats in the near Future! What do we offer? Dedicated server at a datacenter in the Midwest LotAtc server with a key Combat Flite mission planning. Custom Liveries OVGME Repository What are the requirements for joining? 18+, Hotas, Head Tracking (VR, TrackIR, etc), English speaking, and own Persian Gulf, Syria and NTTR Maps (Modules and equipment may b
  3. JTF111 is now looking for more A-10CII and F/A-18 drivers. We are a semi-milsim group who comes from all walks of life with a passion for aviation. We fly Tuesdays and Saturdays at 8pm EST. What we offer: Dedicated DCS server located at a data center in the midwest Website OVGME Repository Combat Flite mission plans LotAtc with key Custom liveries We like to goof off and joke around in discord but take it somewhat serious in the jet. We work as a team, flying in formation to and from the target area and we will rejoin if we ge
  4. We are still open for recruitment for both F-16 and A-10CII drivers. We are also looking for: Mission creators GCI
  5. JTF111, a US based semi-milsim group is recruiting. We are an Air Force based group, flying the F-16C and A-10CII with plans to include the F-15E once it is released. We fly Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2000 EST. We like to goof off and have fun in discord and take it somewhat serious in the jet and we are looking for others to join us. What we offer: Dedicated server at a datacenter in the Midwest LotAtc server with key Combat Flite mission planning. Custom Liveries OVGME Repository Requirements for joining (or can acquire within 30 da
  6. Thank you Milou, Yes I have emailed him through the companies website, and due to the time zone differences I won't expect to hear back from him until at least tomorrow. Wow Gman, I thought I had it bad. My condolences on your situation.
  7. Actually they were two separate orders. I can understand that they may have taken on new employees, and I believe that to be a likely scenario as the snafu with both of my orders showing this however after spending $300 ($200 for the parts, $100 for the shipping) I cannot in good faith recommend their products to anyone especially when they still haven't rectified the issue with the incorrect hardware being sent on the first order. I am sure many people including yourself have had good experiences with the products you have ordered from them in the past but clearly they are not doing a very
  8. I recently purchased a set of hotas throttle and stick desk mounts from monstertech and these guys are terrible. I have seen other people using these mounts, and looking at their products and reviews everything looked great. The stick mount came in first and when I opened the box they had sent the wrong assembly hardware (the nuts were different sizes than the bolts). I spent a couple hours running around town before I found some hardware that I could rig to make it work. I contacted their support and days later they contacted me and told me that yes, they sent out the wrong hardware with
  9. I am having the same issue as the OP. The cannon doesn't track for me after 2.5.5. I can fire Vikhr's without issue, but if I switch to the cannon it will not track the target. I CAN fire the cannon in a fixed position free fire mode, but if I try to use the Skhval/Laser it fires from the cannons fixed position but will not track. After about 3 seconds I get the big X and the cannon wont fire. Also If I just lock and laze a target and leave it alone it gives me the big x after 3 seconds as well. I have flipped just about every switch and no luck.
  10. I had this happen to me as well and it drove me nuts till I figured it out. You have to enable textures in the options>systems menu. I am not sure if this happened for everyone or just me but my textures dropped to low on the beta and it wasn't till I turned them back up to high before it worked again. Hope this helped.
  11. Hello, I have been playing DCS on and off again for many years and I have never gotten into the multiplayer aspect of the game and I am looking to make that transition. I am a former United States Air Force E-3 AWACS Communications Operator and Technician with over 2000 hours flight time, and a current Avionics Supervisor in the civilian sector. I know military jargon very well and know what terms like smash (air speed), BRA (Bearing, Range, Altitude), and Rifle (AGM) are so you wouldn't have to hold my hand, but I am wanting to get into teamwork and tactics, which I don't have any (in
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