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  1. Solved!! Go to controller setup, ensure that both throttles are set in the off position. Scroll down to "Throttle (Left) - OFF/IDLE" and click on its remap button in the throttle column. Then, slowly lift the left throttle and nudge it forward a little. My left mapped to JOY_BTN30 I got a message advising that the button was already mapped to "Throttle Finger Lift....... bla bla... just ignore. Then repeat for Right.... should be JOY_BTN29 Now when on the ramp the throttle works as per the A10 from the off position. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi All, I have a few missing settings in my Graphics Tab?? Raindrops, Motion Blur & SSAA Any ideas why?
  3. Evening Zhukov, I hear what your saying and understand the whole software development vs 3rd party Mod issue. I appreciate that games (over time) may develop faults and therefore require multiple updates to maintain compatibility etc. I'm also aware that each 'Module' provides the user with more than just the pre loaded missions/campaigns such as user missions/multiplayer maps etc.. should they choose to use them... That said, please note that I purchased the FC3 game on a 'Plug n Play' basis intent on using only the pre-loaded/default single player environments. However,(from an OTT
  4. Evening Kat, Thanks for replying. Problem is that i have no clue as to what works and what doesn't. I just play the mission as instructed and blame myself for its failure over and over again. Naturally, after many failed attempts, i reach out to various forums for guidance, only to find other users claiming that the campaign and/or various missions are broken bla bla bla.. or not.. hence the thread/Q.. I'm going to try again tonight with fresh install and no mods... will let you know! Either way, I still enjoy the game and should maybe start looking at creating my own missions
  5. So you're saying that as a consumer, i should overlook any issues pertaining to the operational status a module and simply reflect on the hard work and dedication of all those involved with its creation?? In my opinion, it is ED/DCS that undermine and take for granted the hard work, dedication and raw talent of users such as MadDog who have over the years supplied (FOC) user mods/patches that make the game playable. All of which are soon outdated or have their compatibility questioned due to an update of the World Platform by ED/DCS.
  6. Hi Katmandu, Was the Bear Trap Campaign you completed the default version ie. no mods applied or do i still need MadDogs patch?
  7. Hi Buzzles, That's not what i get. My Special tab has all planes with only default available as standard. Don't know much about planes, but assuming A-10C,P51-D and TF-51D are American or English units then Default i guess would be English. SU25T however doesn't have an option for English, nor does 6 of the 8 planes within FC3. Unless that is that i'm missing something? That said, what about voices/sounds?
  8. Hi again, Noted and glad to hear it, but why do i still need this mod given that it was uploaded early 2017 for V1.5 ? According to MadDog-IC, the file i just downloaded and installed in less than a minute makes FC3 Bear Trap playable.... if this is indeed the case, why have DCS not done the same? At the risk of simplifying the whole process, why cant ED update all modules to work correctly ( un-modded ) in DCS 2.5 before moving on to 2.5.1 and 2.5.1 Open B??
  9. This is the problem i have. Based on what you're saying, in order to play FC3's Bear Trap Campaign as intended, i first have to install a 3rd party/user mod created back in March 2017? Why have they not taken account of the adjustments made by the Mod creator and updated 2.5 accordingly? Or have they?? and this Mod is no longer required?
  10. Hi All, Why is it that to date, after all the updates, Alpha & Beta etc etc... we still have to download and install a User File/Mod for a number of planes/units to enable English text, cockpit labels and radio voices? I appreciate the realism/authenticity achieved by defaulting the language of each unit to it's country of Origin/Operation. No doubt this is key to many users/players. However, i am fairly confident (given the popularity of these Mods) that many users/players would welcome an option to simply select a desired language and have that applied throughout the game. Or ha
  11. Hi BIGNEWY, Thanks for replying. As 'feefifofum' suggests, it appears that i have fallen victim to the WWW 'What Can't Speak Can't Lie' information highway. I'm fairly new to the game and have spent a fair few evenings of late seeking advice/instruction from various Forums and YouTube videos to assist with training. Needless to say, I was left with an overall impression that many of the original campaigns/missions had been left behind and therefore required significant modding if used within recently updated versions of DCS World. Given your response, I was wrong!! Please a
  12. Thank you for the update. Does that mean i can do away with the User Mod i installed that claimed to resolve known issues within the Georgian Oil & Bear Trap Maps and just use the 'virgin' install that came with FC3?
  13. Hi all, I've read on here some place that during the DCS World update period (v1.5 - 2.5) that playing any FC3 Missions or Campaigns were pointless due to various bugs etc...? If true, has v2.5 taken care of all these bugs etc and updated the module files to ensure all works as originally intended? If not, please explain why it is ED continue to offer FC3 for sale knowing that many of the missions/campaigns are not working? Is there a list of all fully working modules for use with DCS 2.5?
  14. Hi All, I've read many posts within this forum advising that various campaigns/missions are broken and not worth playing using DCS world versions greater than v1.5... for example, F15c Bear Trap Campaign and SU25T Oil... Campaign. The ED 'User Mod' download section contains many mods claiming to repair/update certain missions/campaigns however most appear to have been created for V1.5 or at least pre v2.5. Questions are: A, which module/plane has missions and/or campaigns that currently (fully) work in DCS 2.5 using a clean install of the relevant Module/Plane? B, Will installi
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