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  1. You fly on public servers also or is it private server missions only?
  2. Hello Tancrede, I am 50 year young Flamant-Belge and i am also looking for same generation DCS players. I play mostly on multiplayer PvP servers. If you havent found what you are looking for by now but still looking for a "companion in arms" than maybe we can join up on a server from time to time. I speak english and can help myself with french reasonable well. Except for writing, thats why I wrote this in English. I have the Viggen and the Mirage. I cant wait for the Mirage F1. 4-5 years back a was very skilled with the Mirage on the 104-server but it died out. K
  3. My key bindings are set correctly but slewing TPOD/TMD/IRMAV goes in the opposite direction. Also, feels like the whole weapon system is kinda borked this way. Module is AV8B Harrier.
  4. 3 Nights plowing with the AGM-65F. Got frustrated last nigh and ended up here. I see im not alone and it confirms these missiles are not working indeed as they used to do. If I may, finetune this module first before dumping a borked variant (II ist it?) into the market.
  5. Ik ben een Vlaming en ben geinteresseerd. Dacht dat ik al die jaren de enige nederlandstalige was :doh:
  6. Hello, Im interested. Im belgian (local time here is UTC+1). dont have F-5
  7. Where at ED I can find the hotfix pls, ty?
  8. With the latest update installed, as per 3 July 19, The EP13 does work when selecting RB75 and ANF . It worked fine before yesterday.
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