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  1. Hello, please find attached a track file showing 2 Mavs shot in ripple fire against 2 different tanks. The missiles appears to be tracking correctly, each on its own target, however, when the first missile hits, the second disappears. This was reproduced several times in the same scenario. Best, MK Ripple_MAV_bug.trk
  2. Following Frederf report, please find attached a track file showing erroneous markpoint DED behavior. 1. Left MFD set as TGP, Right MFD as HAD 2. "Markpoint" screen selected 3. DMS pressed down, TGP is selected as SOI 4. DMS pressed down again, HAD "blinks" as SOI momentarily and immediately deselected - cannot be SOI until exiting markpoint DED screen mark_HAD_bug.trk
  3. Hello all, Don't know if this is the correct forum and if it is a bug or not, but here goes: When I apply roll with the trackir and then pitch, I get pure pitch movment on the screen - the movement should be a result of multiplication of the 2 Euler matrices (pitch over roll). Maybe something isn't configured right, but the current behavior is really annoying. Hope I made myself clear and someone can advise. Best, Mike
  4. Hello, From several updates ago, the F16 starts in air with navigation lights on, even if it is in combat scenario. Please change the default to FENCE off, so we can coherently understand the status of the A/C when we start a scenario. Thanks, Mike
  5. I reviewed your track - the difference is in the angular separation. In my track I launch immediately at mission start. If I wait for 15-20 seconds, the angular separation is large enough for each missile to go to its target. Thanks, Mike
  6. There you go, Mike HARM POS Bug Caucasus.trk
  7. Hello, weird behavior in POS EOM and PB. Two SA6 SAM sites located apart from each other. Launching in either PB or EOM on the first site (SP1) with ASL on target, then switching over to the next site (SP2), bringing FPM to the ASL and launching the second HARM - the two missiles go for SP1. I attached a track with a reproduction utilizing EOM, but it repeated with EOM as well. also attached the MIZ file. please confirm if it is a bug or operation error. Mike HARM test.miz HARM POS Bug.trk
  8. I have seen photos of 54 and 38 mixed loads and I don't see any reason for 103 and 105 on the same rack. Didn't see any evidence of JSOW with CBU or JDAM up until now.
  9. Well, it is explicitly written in the product brochure: "BRU-57/A supports various weapons on a single unit and asymmetric loading on the aircraft." It is also backed by the BRU57 System Performance Specification - from the SMS point of view, these are two independent MIL-STD-1760 stations. I do not, however, have any information regrading whether such configurations were available on the F16CM block 50 circa 2007 l3harris-bru-57-sell-sheet-sas.pdf
  10. Hello all, Will there be an option to arm mixed load on the BRU racks? e.g - 1 JSOW + 1 JDAM on station 7 and 1 CBU 105 + CBU 103 on station 3? Best, desert
  11. Hello all, built a keypad matrix with toggles for f16 left aux and right console panels and I'm using the sendDcsBiosMessage function. All toggles are working ok, except the following: Anti skid switch - defined as 3Pos2CommandSwitch AP Pitch switch - defined as Springloaded_3_pos_tumb MAL IND LTS BRT switch - defined as Springloaded_3_pos_tumb Can someone elaborate on how to use sendDcsBiosMessage with those switch types? Thanks in advance!
  12. Weird phenomena I encountered: When running a mission for the first time, reflections of clouds on canopy and MFDs (Viper) looks fine, but when running the same mission again, the clouds reflection on the canopy and MFDs becomes choppy and slow to refresh on those surfaces. It seems that loading a mission on different map resets this behavior. I recorded 2 tracks of this phenomena (before and after), but for some reason they are very large (about 6 MB each), although they are less than 30 seconds short. Someone else encountered this issue? Best, Mk
  13. Well...rolled back the driver and made a new "\saved games\DCS" folder and still getting crashes with CTD or BSOD. attached is a new log from the latest crash. it happens a lot, but somehow during the AAR quick mission is the viper it happens every time. If any more files are needed, I would gladly supply them - this is a major inconvenience, especially the BSOD. Best, Mk dcs.log
  14. Any chance of adding this to the formal lua file? gets erased after each update...
  15. Hello, I encounter sporadic game crashes since the upgrade to 2.7. I just upgraded my NVIDIA GPU driver to latest when it came out a few days ago. please find attached a log from my latest crash. Sometimes the crash results in CTD and sometimes I manage to see the crash dialog box and BSOD follows shortly after. I would gladly add any additional info needed. Best, Mk dcs.log
  16. The A/P Pitch switch is indeed defined as a different (and seemingly unique to the f16) as spring loaded 3 way toggle, while the A/P Roll is defined as a normal 3 way toggle. In reality, it is electrically held 3 way toggle. This definition causes weird behavior, also in DCS-BIOS for example. If someone has more insight on the issue it will be very appritiated.
  17. Same here - yellow flashes at normandy only, mostly noticeable in WWII planes (Spit is worse than P51, much less in F16). 1080TI with latest drivers and g-sync on or off did not make a difference.
  18. After launching both HARMs, switching to CCRP in order to deploy GBUs I have observed the following: If I am not turning HARMs to OFF in the SMS (Even though I don't have any HARMs left) the HARM ASL still shows (not sure if a bug) The HUD does not show TOT although I am in CCRP mode In the attached picture, both ASL can be seen, the mode is CCRP, yet no TOT can be seen. Also attached is a TRK file of the issue. Best, MK HARM to CCRP Bug.trk
  19. Did you try the TGP? Targets of opportunity with SP mode work as they should?
  20. Well, usually I use PSoC 5 evaluation kit for such tasks, which can be easily programmed as an HID device, however, since I aim for the community to use the design, I thought Arduino and DCS BIOS is the way to go. I also intend to make the backlight SW programmable via a FET and PWM signal, so when you change cockpit illumination it will control the ICP backlight as well, so DCS BIOS will solve that connectivity. What are your thoughts? is HID better than DCS BIOS? I can still change the design. BTW, here is a link to the PSoC 5 eval kit: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/development-kitsboards/cy8ckit-059-psoc-5lp-prototyping-kit-onboard-programmer-and It is superb for cockpit building as well...
  21. Well, There are a few drawbacks to the super cheap approach. Basically you will need to do the following: 1. print the 3d parts 2. solder a few pads 3. assemble it all (few screws) 4. upload the software to the arduino 5. connect to USB and run the DCS BIOS Hub I might create a future software which recognizes the panel as a HID (like a joystick) and then you can assign anything you want in DCS or any other sim. If the design is successful, hopefully others will manufacture and assemble at a cheap price and sell it ready to go to other community members. Once all the drafts are ready, I will upload it all to github.
  22. Hello All! Started to work on a super cheap ICP. The Bill Of Materials should be around 30-40 bucks - still didn't finish the PCB design. The structure is all 3D printed, PCB is done via JLCPCB, the communication to DCS is done via an Arduino nano and DCS-BIOS. The electronics excluding the PCB are roughly 7 bucks. I still need to finalize the electric design, print the parts and check for flaws, write the software and of course check the entire assembled product. All the design schematics and files will be open source and free for the community to use and create. I have no intention of producing and selling those, except for my own private use. The 3D parts design is partially based on the excellent work done by Jonah Tsai https://github.com/JonahTsai/F16 The electronics design is inspired by the board made by Vipercore. Any comments or ideas are welcome!
  23. AOA Indexer in Viper Hello all, The AOA_INDEX_BRT_KNB actually controls the AR Status Indicator Dimming Lever (which is actually the title pf this control), however, there is no actual AOA index brightness knob control in the reference - any ideas? Best.
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