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  1. Did you try the TGP? Targets of opportunity with SP mode work as they should?
  2. Well, usually I use PSoC 5 evaluation kit for such tasks, which can be easily programmed as an HID device, however, since I aim for the community to use the design, I thought Arduino and DCS BIOS is the way to go. I also intend to make the backlight SW programmable via a FET and PWM signal, so when you change cockpit illumination it will control the ICP backlight as well, so DCS BIOS will solve that connectivity. What are your thoughts? is HID better than DCS BIOS? I can still change the design. BTW, here is a link to the PSoC 5 eval kit: https://www.cypress.com/documentation/developme
  3. Well, There are a few drawbacks to the super cheap approach. Basically you will need to do the following: 1. print the 3d parts 2. solder a few pads 3. assemble it all (few screws) 4. upload the software to the arduino 5. connect to USB and run the DCS BIOS Hub I might create a future software which recognizes the panel as a HID (like a joystick) and then you can assign anything you want in DCS or any other sim. If the design is successful, hopefully others will manufacture and assemble at a cheap price and sell it ready to go to other community members. Once all the drafts
  4. Hello All! Started to work on a super cheap ICP. The Bill Of Materials should be around 30-40 bucks - still didn't finish the PCB design. The structure is all 3D printed, PCB is done via JLCPCB, the communication to DCS is done via an Arduino nano and DCS-BIOS. The electronics excluding the PCB are roughly 7 bucks. I still need to finalize the electric design, print the parts and check for flaws, write the software and of course check the entire assembled product. All the design schematics and files will be open source and free for the community to use and create. I have no intenti
  5. AOA Indexer in Viper Hello all, The AOA_INDEX_BRT_KNB actually controls the AR Status Indicator Dimming Lever (which is actually the title pf this control), however, there is no actual AOA index brightness knob control in the reference - any ideas? Best.
  6. Any expansion towards the south of Israel would be stellar!
  7. Missing some landmarks and airstrips : Beufort castle near Nabatieh Pik airstrip in the Golan heights Kalaat Namrud in Northern Israel Guess there are more, but these are a few that popped in a quick tour I did.
  8. Thanks for the transparent prop link, however, the ghosting happens also outside the prop field of view. I tried to take photos of both phenomena described above, however, it does not reproduce on screen. I guess it is an issue of left/right eye mismatch or not fast enough refresh rate.
  9. Hello all, I have a decent (albeit a bit outdated) system (I7-8700, 1080 TI and 32 Gig RAM) and an Oculus rift CV1 headset. Followed the optimization guide and frame rates are quite good in Caucasus and Normandy 1 on 1 scenarios (45-60). however, when I move my head with HMCS on in the viper, the display of the HMCS gets jittery - V-Sync, both eyes or right eye only didn't make a difference. when playing on flat screen with TIR the HMCS looks good and stable. anyone knows what can improve this behavior? Also (might be related or not) in WWII planes, the plane I chase is very "ghosty" -
  10. Status of gunsight Hello All, I see that this is still an issue and the gun sight circle still does not represent 100 yards (or the range scale is off). Is it still an open issue?
  11. Was wondering the same, seems like a weird UI implementation if it doesn't.
  12. Hello all, According to manuals / tutorials, while in MSL or DGFT mode, the following should work: 1. Long press on "MSL STEP" should switch between MRM and SRM 2. Depressing "Enable" switch should change seeker modes from "Slave" to "Bore" and vice versa while in the sim, none of these work - any idea what i'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance for answering! Moshe
  13. Any news? I know its an old post and an old issue, however, with the spit out of beta and me into VR, I would greatly appreciate if this issue would be taken care of. I tries ASW off, but I think think that the optimal experience would be with ASW on and this matter sorted. Any thoughts or newer tricks to make it more playable in the meantime? Best regards
  14. Thank you all for your input. I ended up buying the rift, knowing that in a year's time or so, I would purchase the next gen (and probably upgrade my gpu with it...). See you in the skies!
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