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  1. A bit of a bump. Since the last patch, the line width tweak seems to be interpreted differently and I can barely see contacts on SA page and Radar both in game and on exported monitors. Posting before I have a chance to search the thread to see if I can find the default widths/weights.
  2. There's some sort of post-processing added to the in-game MFD's ever since they did some lighting changes. Which leads to bloom and night time blindness (realistically) if you try to leave the MFD's on the day setting during night missions (so that you can see stuff on the exported views.)
  3. For another alternative solution, you could check out this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=226594&page=4
  4. Getting ready to likely take advantage of bn's service. Any tips for getting the connectors unplugged? I have the hot glue off but they really don't want to come out. Afraid of breaking something if I yank on the wires themselves.
  5. Looking at the version that you uploaded, the only difference between the file that I have and the one that you uploaded is the following lines: MINE: YOURS: I suspect that yours may have a bug because it assigns both the T16000 and the T16000L the same device ID. Unfortunately I'm not sure how to help Spool. Thank you for helping folks out ITT! I uploaded the most recent version of the TARGET script that I've been using to the OP just in case the old version had an issue. Also, looking earlier in the thread: //Configure(&Throttle, MODE_EXCLUDED); //Configure(&
  6. As an update, Sahaj got back to me, seems like the original package was returned to sender for whatever reason. Sahaj offered to send a replacement with upgraded shipping without charging any extra. Much appreciated, package arrived today and the extension works great!
  7. Now on 6 weeks. Tried emailing Sahaj a few different ways, no response to any of them. I did talk to someone in our wing who said it took 6 weeks to get to CA with the upgraded shipping, so I'll hold out hope for a few more weeks, although you'd think shipping to MA would be faster coming from Poland.
  8. Anyone in the US able to give some idea on shipping time with the standard shipping? I'm on three weeks now since it left Poland.
  9. I got the 'EVENT' error in that first post because I was loading in the wrong moose.lua (the small one that builds from source and not the standalone one that you include with missions). Yes, I added the weapon names from your script. It turns out routines.utils.round is not defined anywhere in the MOOSE code. It is called in a number of places, including as part of the function to get SAMs to change places within the SEAD class. I replaced routines.utils.round with math.floor and now the whole SEAD function is working just fine. Later, instead of using math.floor, I added the snippet
  10. Thanks @Hardcard, I'm looking through your old posts on the topic. I see you might have tried changing the weapon names to the correct values--did that work for you? EDIT: Well, I think I figured out the issue in the SEAD function. I enabled a bunch of tracing and it turns out this was the error: 2019-07-19 23:21:06.560 INFO SCRIPTING: stack traceback: [string "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\/~mis00001105.lua"]:6062: in function 'round' [string "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\/~mis00001105.lua"]:726: in function 'groupToRandomPoint' [string "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS\
  11. Yes that's exactly it, thank you. For anyone else who runs into my issue, the problem was that I tried to use the MOOSE.lua from the source code download and not the MOOSE.lua that contains the entire source. As for whether the SEAD function works, I'm testing but it's looking like possibly no? Is there a way of calling the emissions off action from lua? Might be more reliable than alarm state which doesn't seem to be working.
  12. I'm perplexed. I'm trying to add simple SEAD evasion behavior to a SAM site in a test mission. As far as I can tell, the functionality is not working in the Caucasus map. When I do the same thing (same script, same SAM site) in NTTR, I get a string error but the SEAD evasion functionality works perfectly. About to test in PG. Will supply NTTR error message shortly. But hoping maybe this is already a known problem or someone might have a clue what's going on? I'm not familiar enough with the DCS source code to know why different maps would cause totally different MOOSE SEAD behavior
  13. Great suggestions, guys, thanks! I'm trying to help improve one of the multiplayer missions for the squadron I recently joined. It has a lot of moving parts and would otherwise rely on 20+ people. Sounds like making the players into immortal expert AI will really help with the exception of edge cases that I've read about on here (issues with AI and SEAD, for example.)
  14. Hi All, Sorry if there's a good thread on this--I tried searching! Any suggestions for good ways of testing missions? Do you set up radio commands to manually trip flags? Similar but for killing off specific targets? Thanks!
  15. Both SP and MP, most recent crash uploaded. Crashes straight to desktop, no consistent situation (once while on the ground in A10C, once while in AA combat in FA 18) i7 5820k RTX 2080 (most recent graphics driver) 32GB DDR4 Windows 10 64 Bit Game had been running rock solid until this past week. I'll try some of the troubleshooting steps and update about any crashes (or lack thereof) over the rest of the weekend. Logs.zip
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