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  1. Dont know why but ALL MOUSE SETTINGS for EVERY MODULE (without "mouse" folder in mods/aircraft/xxx/input/xxx so f-18 and a-10c atm) are taken from "UI LAYER" category and it doesnt matter if you rebind mouse settings in specific module. so it fixed my problem but still i have to have same mouse settings for a-10c and f-18c. (i hope you understand my bad english :p )
  2. Can't assign mouse buttons I cant assign mouse buttons, mouse category is empty by default even when i press "RESET CATEGORY TO DEFAULT", i can add it manually but when i press it nothing happens. ( i can use left and right mouse buttons and move around the cokpit with no problem) I have this problem after a-10c II update (only in a-10c and a-10c II), and deleting saved games folder/repair/fresh install and installing only a-10c doesnt help at all This is big problem for me cuz i use mouse as "view device" and i cant change middle mouse button to right mouse button.
  3. 100% Lantirn in Air-To-Ground mode? (Lantirn Mode A/G button)
  4. Still no f-14 spike, insta death from aim-54 :( (with SPJ)
  5. @Sylosis Press again PLM button or "ASK" Rio by pressing a key Category: Jester AI , Radar - Break Lock (OH NOOO UNREALISTIC THING?!?! IT SHOULD BE REMOVED, haha) Just have fun guys.
  6. 100% EFUZ: INST and MFUZ: OFF ? I had the same problem but now it works fine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkc4ym04aP4
  7. You can self-lase. Fast tutorial from me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkc4ym04aP4
  8. Clean Install, +10 min loading time (in MP, SP works fine no lags and crashes), after "NET: disconnected: 5 Server update timeout" black screen and i must alt+f4 (no lag in game). Same on low and high settings. Win 10 64 bit i5-7400 GTX 1060 3gb 8 gb ram HDD any ideas? dcs.rar DxDiag.rar
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