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  1. Yeap, i second that. The landing animation is the worst. With the momentum and aircraft weight is transfered forward after catching the wires, the front landing gear should compress a lot more than it currently does in DCS.
  2. Maybe ED should upload the updated early access guide in the "Documentation" section of the website for easier reference, especially when you just wanna read in on the go.
  3. I'd like to see the development of LITENING & ATFLIR being put in priority compared to new A-G weapons as these pods are essentials to Hornet for it to be a true multirole. But ED knows best :)
  4. Does any of the mission in the campaign require ATFLIR or TPOD?
  5. Though still lacking behind the Hornet in terms of EA features, I simply could not resist the Viper's calling every time I fire up DCS. There's something "haunting" about this module :joystick:
  6. Quest can be upgraded to 90hz via Oculus Link if i can recall correctly, it's just that the feature has not been enabled, maybe in the near future. I was divided between the Rift S and Quest initially but went with Quest for the mechanical IPD adjustment and Oculus Link
  7. Yeap, i'm looking forward to this feature is DCS as well. I've been happy with the functionality of Oculus link so far with DCS. I'm still susceptible to VR motion sickness though, guess have to train more to get my body to adapt. I use a custom 5 meters USB3.1 cable from a local supplier here in Malaysia. it works instantly after being plugged in to my desktop's USB3.1 slot.
  8. I think this is a bug. I did Normal alignment until alignment status reached the quality of 6, but they are still out of sync.
  9. Damnit...this is gonna be another set of hole in my wallet...Hornet, Tomcat Harrier and now this....so many lustfull modules, so little time to fly them all
  10. I have the exact hardware setup, it works perfectly. But the stick lacks HAT switches though so i have to assign one of the button on the TWCS to be a modifier key.
  11. It can fly on all available DCS Maps. There are plenty of instant action missions and user created mission for Nevada as well.
  12. Chuck, any chance you'll update and include AGM-65, LGB & HARM employment guide any time soon?
  13. i'd say DCS F-5E. It's very easy to startup, with no complicated avionics but remain a potent dogfighter, with limited A-G capability. You can master BFM & ACM in it before jumping into more high performance fighters. I'd recommend you get Maple Flag's BFM & ACM campaigns as well
  14. changed shadow to flat only for mine (terrain shadow already flat) and boom! > 30 fps jump!
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