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  1. Hi Would I be correct in saying that the F-86 should have parking brakes along with a lever/handle ? Seems strange that there isn't one fitted on this one. Timm
  2. I just hope that someone at Belsim are taken notes on what we are finding, because I just wish I had waited a bit longer instead of jumping in and getting, because If I read these posts prior to buying I would have stayed clear for a while.
  3. Hi I have the same here as well. Timm
  4. Hi, First off not sure if its me but has anyone noticed that few key commands that are in the config page don't work? For an example 1. I noticed that there are no labels on anything from Aircraft to ground targets, now it says for ALL LABELS = L/SHIFT+F10 but when keyed nothing the same goes for L/SHIFT+F9 2. The Comms key command which is \ does not work so I have had to change to C. Regards Timm
  5. Hi, No problems, if you can PM me your email address I will send out. Now this is very much WIP as I'm finding certain commands do't work in TARGET so those I have put through the normal game setting. Like other posts I'm have problems in trying to get the nose wheel/brakes set up but not having much luck here. Now the commands I have put into the TWH are. ON THE STICK 1. Full Trim command on the TRIM Button (Nose UP/DOWN, Left/Right wing UP/DOWN) 2. Fire control on the two main weapon buttons. (In Game Command) 3. TRACKIR setup (PAUSE/RESET) on the button directly below the WEAPON RELEASE. 4. Cockpit pan on the lower hat switch. (In Game Command) 5. Comms Button on the top side button. 6. Brakes on the Long trigger like thingy on the stick 7. Cockpit/External View - along with Zoom IN/OUT on the grey side button. ON THROTTLE 1. Quick start/Close down (For those who want a quick start) on the ENG FLOW LEFT/RIGHT) 2. Speed Brakes- When you bring back the speed brake button and as long as you keep this back the brakes will stay open, when released they will close. The forward button on this switch I have assigned the reset for the flaps. 3. Flaps UP/DOWN as per the flap button. It seems that by default this has been set midway so a quick flick and they are either up or down. 4. Landing gear I have assigned to the EAC button at the bottom left side. As I mentioned this is very much WIP so please be aware of this. My main command I wanted was the trim button as I thought this aircraft was very jumpy and needed taming these commands have done that. Regards Timm
  6. Hi Skull I am in the process in doing a profile for the 86 which I have included full trim control using the trim hat, also add flap control, Air brake etc . I can send it if you want. Timm
  7. Hi Mrgud, Spot on. I have this setup in FSX with the Milviz F-86. At the moment I am not using TARGET with this F-86, what I will do is make a new profile within TARGET for the DCS F-86 and assign some keys in there and see what happens. Thanks for your reply, very much appreciated. Timm
  8. Hi, all sorted, just closed everything and everything is fine. Thanks Timm
  9. Hi Guys, Any help will be great here, I have the Thrustmaster Warthog stick/throttle and I have assigned the Air brake / Speed brake to the speed brake button on the throttle and would like to know how and if possible that when use this button that the brakes come out and when I release they go back in. Those who have the Warthog know that this button is spring load and for this purpose. works fine on the A10. Timm
  10. Hi, Just purchased the awesome F-86 and coming up with error messages (as below) this is on Free Flight, In Air. Timm
  11. Hi, All sorted. I made up a new weapon load and hey presto I got side guns/ Went into the Weapon Training mission and everything works fine. Timm
  12. Hi, Thanks for that I will try it out. But surely if it's down as a Weapons Training Session these should be fitted already. OK Looks like the door option is not available as the only weapons available for the training are the rockets and the mini guns. So again this mission is incorrect and incomplete. Here are some shot of what weapon load out you are given, unless you can add the side guns which I have missed. I have tried in adding a new weapon load but with no joy. Timm
  13. Hi, If you look/read the quote that the instructor is giving he is stating 3, but if you look at the side mounts there are no any weapons attached so me thinks that because there are no weapons the position is not available.
  14. Hi, I took a screen shot of what I am getting. This is far as one can go in the session.
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