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  1. Yes, I think you're right. , I remember that being available during the free-to-try period of which I bought a few mods but not that one. Deleting it did the trick, thank you.
  2. Howdy: Whenever I start up OB 2.7 these windows pop up. I don't have the F-86. How can I prevent these from opening? Thanks
  3. Howdy All: Using the TM Hog setup, I find trimming the P-47 to be a bit to sensitive or very low fidelity. It feels as if there are only a few trim points. At level flight just one touch of the trim (horizontal) tends to kick the a/c up/down quite a bit. It seems as if there should be a higher fidelity response i.e. 10's of points Vs what seems to be a set number of position 1-2-3... 9-10. The above applies to the ailerons and rudder. All just seems to have only a few trim points. Any ideas of how to modify this? Or am I missing something completely? Thanks Alienware R8 i9-9900k nVidia 2080ti 11GB GDDR6 32gb DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz 850w PSU-Liquid Cooled-Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 Dell 32" S3220DGF-Samsung MX-279 27" IPS 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe-Samsung 500gb 860 EVO Samsung 256gb 850 Pro-Corsair 180gb Force GT TM-Warthog HOTAS
  4. I'll be darned, the cowl flaps I did not close nor retract the landing light as I didn't extend it thus didn't think to retract. I'll go through it again and see how it goes , thank you very much for your quick response. Addendum: It was the cowls flaps as you described. All is good now. Thanks again.
  5. Howdy: I purchased the P-47D this weekend. After T/O w/no loadout, cleaning up the gear etc and setting the power as I head through 225 kts the A/C beginnings to vibrate passing though 220 and then violently in lvl flight while passing through 225/230 kts in a gentle turn then the tail suddenly shears off. I tried this several times, clean, straight-n-lvl, no G's and the same thing occurs between the speed range of 230 to 250 kts. I've check the forums and the manual and can't seem to nail down what I'm doing wrong or if this is some kind of bug. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Update: I discovered the problem. After setting the curve when I exited the axis page for some reason it reverted back to a linear profile. I reset the curve and readjusted it again. All seems fine now. Howdy: 1. Up until about a week ago the F-14B has been fine. Now when I takeoff, from rotation to about 300kts the a/c oscillates on the longitudinal. axis. This occurs w/ and w/o weapons. W/ only fuel and no weapons rotating at 150kts the a/c gets really squirrely and it only gets worse if I try to correct. This doesn't happen with my other modules. 2. I can not run playback w/o the a/c, while on approach, paralleling the runway and crashing. This is odd as it only happens with the F-14B. Any idea would be appreciated Thanks Alienware R8 i9-9900k nVidia 2080ti 11GB GDDR6 32gb DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz 850w PSU-HP Liquid Cooled-Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 Dell 32" S3220DGF-Samsung MX-279 27" IPS 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe-Samsung 500gb 860 EVO Samsung 256gb 850 Pro-Corsair 180gb Force GT TM-Warthog HOTAS-Logitech 510s keyboard Logitech G700s Mouse-Logitech G13 Gameboard
  7. In the past I was never provided a pay option to track an order from a vendor. Thus, I didn't expect to see one when I ordered this. Perhaps I missed the option. I got this upon ordering: Shipping method Not Tracked - Royal Mail International Standard (USA) Small Parcel In the U.S. the tracking is free and begins upon shipment. The parcel is tracked via the carrier's tracking number, i.e. UPS, FedEx, USPS etc. That's okay, it's only SEP 04. It's not suppose to be shipped until sometime this month. I was just curious of its status if it was obtainable.
  8. Order #4638 Howdy: I ordered this on 08-19. I'm across the pond so I don't expect mine until Sept. Is there an order status somewhere on Delta Simulation's site that I may have missed? Thanks Order #4638
  9. Zoom problem solved I discovered the problem with the zoomed-out view when entering the F-14B. It was Lange_666 who stirred my suspicion or better, my flat lined brain. He sent me a file to try which did not work. So, I dove into comparing my file against Langes. All seemed normal. I then moved on to comparing the F-14B key map via HTML, with my other modules mapping and discovered that in the AXIS COMMANDS "and" out of view at the bottom of the page was "Zoom View" mapped to JOY_SLIDER1 (My Hog throttle). I have not mapped Joy_Slider1 to zoom on any other module so I didn't pay it any attention and since I didn’t see that it was in fact mapped. I had not decided yet what to map the slider to. Hence, I had it set in the full back position prior to entering the F-14B. I removed the mapping and VOILA’ any chances my being normal again might begin to rise. :D Thanks again everyone and Lange_666 for your help/ideas and files and my apologies for the wild goose chance.
  10. Update: Lang_666 I tried your suggestion but the zoomed view remained. I had hoped a new view.lua would be created without the zoomed view. I'm thinking maybe copying the view settings from another a/c, i.e. that isn't affected and pasting it into the F-14 Which line(s) are the default view and which LUA? View or Snapview?
  11. I'll give the deletion a go and see what happens. Thx!:thumbup:
  12. Hi All; Thanks for all of your input. I tried the suggestions in this thread but unfortunately without success. Synchronize Cockpit Controls with HOTAS Controls at Start' was enabled, I tried w/disabled, nogo. Tried the Num 5 and cockpit adjustment's etc, still nogo. Reading the comments regarding the *.lua just might offer the reprieve I and a few here seem to be looking for. Has anyone determined which should be adjusted, the snap-view or view.lua? Alienware R8 i9-9900k nVidia 2080ti 11GB GDDR6 32gb DDR4 XMP at 2933MHz Dell 32" S3220DGF monitor Samsung MX-279 27" IPS Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 1TB M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Samsung 500gb 860 EVO Samsung 256gb 850 Pro Corsair 180gb Force GT TM-Warthog HOTAS Logitech 510s keyboard Logitech G700s Mouse Logitech G13 Gameboard
  13. Thx Silverdevil, it makes sense, will give your advice a try. And thx for the link.
  14. Howdy When I enter the sim the cockpit is zoomed out. How can I fix that? It only does this with Heatblurs F-14. Thanks
  15. Use the link below to spec out something. It's kind of like a build your own scenario. You should be able to get a good handle on equipment and pricing through this site which offers clickable links to vendors; Amazon, B&H etc. At the very least, this should provide you with a reference point in matching up your existing hardware with new hardware. Best High-End Gaming PC- Hardware Revolution:https://www.hardware-revolution.com/best-mid-range-mainstream-high-end-extreme-performance-gaming-pc-may-2020/
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