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  1. I am also having the same issue?
  2. Please let use know if the OC was the issues. Having some of the same issues. I am using XMP profile that is giving me a little OC. Thanks.
  3. Also looks like overclocking is an issue. will try that if the above changes did not work.
  4. Having some of the same issues. your error looks like C:\Program Files\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\dx11backend.dll. My errors were with the weaponsBlock.dll I deleted the file and then did a repair using the DCS repair tool. I think this helped, however I still need to do some testing. I am flying in SP with an AI wing man and that is when I have the crashs. I ran the same mission with out the AI wing man and did not have the crash but this was also after deleting and repair of the weaponsBlock.dll. good luck.
  5. Also using old driver version 417.35
  6. uninstalled current nvidia driver (417.71) and looks like it may be fixed.
  7. No Mods, no reshade and XMP overclock and all were on single player
  8. More logs Hope this helps. dcs.log-20190122-020258.zip dcs.log-20190121-162418.zip
  9. Issues with logs Here are some more logs. dcs.log-20190124-181819.zip dcs.log-20190123-072544.zip dcs.log-20190123-063614.zip
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