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  1. I just downloaded the Huey module and have the same issue; no AI panel. Using a single monitor, no mods installed, no helios.
  2. For example, when rolling into a 30 degree bank from downwind to base, the F/A-18C tends to keep increasing the bank angle rather than staying stabilized in the 30 degree bank (in DCS). Although I am a pilot I have not flown the F/A-18C in real life, however, I have seen a real F/A-18 pilot comment on this as well.
  3. I hope they also take a look at the over-banking tendency, noticeable on the base to final turn.
  4. I am trying to get DCS to run on a new computer, but am having the following problem: I moved my backup folder > Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta to a formatted new ssd in my new computer. I then used cmd to navigate to the bin folder and ran the command DCSUpdater.exe repair, however I am getting an error message, "Cannot exactly detect the game install folder! Is it S:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\bin? yes or no. I don't want to choose "yes" because the install folder is not in bin it is DCS World OpenBeta. Obviously there are no registry entrie
  5. Hello, I would like some feedback on the best monitor to use with this graphics card. I am considering purchasing a 27" IPS 1440p and am wondering if this would be a good resolution for use with the 3070? Also what refresh rate would be best, 144hz or higher? I have not received my new rig yet, so haven't checked out the RTX 3070 ZOTAC TWIN EDGE OC yet. Do you think that it will provide good performance in DCS? Thanks for any help!
  6. It is my understanding that the mouse can't be used to control the Jester Menu. I would really appreciate it if the developers added this functionality, in addition to a "back" button to return to a previous Jester menu.
  7. Go to the Control Options then choose F-14B > Click on a column header (ex. keyboard) > Click on Load Profile > Navigate the file structure and choose keyboard... Do this for each column > joystick, throttle, etc.....
  8. I am also having problems with radio communications and some cockpit sounds when flying the A-10C and A-10C II. I am unable to hear my pilot voice when contacting JTAC and the JTAC never responds. I have tested this on different maps, and as I mentioned in both A-10's. When flying the F/A-18C the communications seem to work normally when communicating with JTAC. When doing the A-10C II IFFCC test, the audible sounds (female voice) are not present either. All of the flights where I have encountered these issues have been missions that I created, and have flown within the mission editor.
  9. What is the serial number of the aircraft that the DCS A-10C II is based on? In order to make realistic scenarios, what is the operational time-frame for the DCS A-10C II?
  10. Thanks for the video Matt. Nicely done. Will you please make the mission files that you use in all of your videos available for download? The mission files will be great for replicating what you demonstrate in your videos, as well as being a good starting point for creating our own scenarios. Thanks.
  11. Today's newsletter mentioned a collaboration between Varjo and DCS, and that the Varjo headsets are now supported in DCS World. Is there any additional information available about the Varjo VR headsets and their performance in DCS World? The headsets aren't cheap - around $6000
  12. Maybe the aircraft that are returning to land bases, are over their max landing weights for the carrier? Check their fuel and ordnance status.
  13. Thanks for the update Matt - I appreciate you sharing the roadmap and goals for the F/A-18C. I understand that the type of software development that Eagle Dynamics is engaged in is incredibly complex and time consuming. Things change constantly in this environment, so delays and projects taking longer than anticipated are to be expected. Since you are asking, I would prefer to see all of the flight model issues resolved, the aircraft setup feature, and the mission card completed as first priorities. Thank you.
  14. In case anyone cares, I believe that I found the issues: DCS World Added AI short-range missile Scud-B launcher into ground units of some countries (Iran, Iraq and others). It can drive, but missile is not yet functioning and does not launch. WIP In 2020 we will continue to update older DCS World units. We are currently developing the SA-5 surface-to-air missile and the SS-1 SCUD surface-to-surface missile (we still need to develop the Short-Range Ballistic Missile flight model) ...and I think the reason that the artillery wasn't firing was due to a range issue. I had the u
  15. I am designing a mission that has F/A-18's tasked with taking out mobile missiles and artillery before they can fire on an airbase. The mobile equipment consists of three different groups with three units in each group. Group 1 - SCUDs Group 2 - SPH 2S3 Akatsia Group 3 - SPH 2S1 Gvozdika I have the groups moving on roads to their firing locations. At the last waypoint for each group I added a "Fire on Point" order, and placed the fire waypoint on the airbase. However, the Groups never fire on their targets. Any suggestions?
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