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  1. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Baron von Myakin MiG-21
  2. ROSS_Pups ROSS_Gorillaz ROSS_Baron von Myakin Mig-21bis Gimme more MiGs
  3. @Alpenwolf should we maybe run a stress-test of the mission this weekend, to see how smooth it'll runing for the participators?
  4. ROSS_Baron von Myakin MiG-21bis
  5. ROSS_Baron von Myakin - MiG-21bis
  6. Jumping on to a departing train at the last moment… Let me introduce my semi-fictional.. or semi-historical.. whatever!.. skin for the P-47D. That’s the real painting of the P-47D but from the Razorback model what was flying by the 1st Lt. Arlie J. Blood from the 510th FS, 405th Fighter Group in 1944, England. That was a bit difficult to find photos and needed details of this machine so it has taken more time for me to create the skin as I had planned it before. Anyway I hope you like it. Link: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315373/
  7. Thanks a lot @Alpenwolf for the great efforts of this so interesting event and @104th_Maverick for the cool funny streaming of it as usual! Thanks to all participants for good fights as well, that was a honor to fight with and against you! I guess I won't be wrong if I say that it was one of the best - or probably the best one - round from all what I participated since the 4th one in. There was enough intensive action, great visibility, perfect ranges and good cooperation inside our group - just what the doctor ordered Let's keep it going! This round shown from my Ka-50's cockpit:
  8. Ka-50, Mi-8: they are maybe tanks but have fixed or limited movable guns. Gazelle: UFO UH-1: a hedgehog with up to 4 miniguns covering all sides. Everything balanced IMHO. Полагаю, имелось в виду, что Ми и Хью на след.раунде будут таскать десант, а не атаковать платформы, например. И все будут исключительно с пушками/пулеметами (и Ка тоже), кроме Газелли, на которой можно будет взять НУРы.
  9. There are videos from my Ka-50. The flights were not spectacular as from another Ka-50's pilots because my main task was to cover our Mi-8 engaged for attacking of oil platforms. Anyway, you can find a couple fight moments in the second half of video. * there was a mistake from my side with sound capture in the beginning. So no sound in the first minutes, sorry. For Twitch fans: For YouTube fans:
  10. C'mon man! You have a compass, you have a map, you even have the shining sun. What do you need more to navigate? :smilewink:
  11. [uSER=65816][TIGER][/uSER] 20:00 Zulu for Event start is okay. But what's with briefeing and test times? There are still 18:00, 18:30 etc in the description. Will these times stay so or are they also changed for 1 hour later? That makes confused.
  12. Baron von Myakin - UH-1 & ROSS_Pups - UH-1
  13. [uSER=65816][TIGER][/uSER] Hi mate! Could you please drop a couple of words regarding Helis? What types of helis are available and what exactly should they do? Thanks!
  14. As I said it on the debriefing, I'd divide players of the one team into two groups: Russian-speaking guys (RG) and English-speaking guys (EG). These groups should hold general plan but move and fight by themselves. Like as it was this tournament in the begining: EG has taken the west side and RG have taken the east one. In this case, it would be great if players of one team meet before the event at least one time and discuss the whole strategy, roles of players and the tactic of each group. Of course there should be a common coordination between both groups but it shouldn't be all time and intensive but only in emergency cases. We have already had something like that on Red Flag and Red Alert events. RG hear team's GSI and hold the general strategy but they fly by themselves and have own tactic.
  15. It was great! I have personally liked this round much more than the previous one. Everything was pretty compact, good ranges, various units, interesting landscape influencing a tactic. Yes, the red team has lost despite on more available units; yes, maybe tactic plan wasn't good enough; yes, it was mistake to lose Ka-50s so easy; yes, the communication wasn't clear and quick - but whatever! I'm sure everybody had fun and has gotten new experience. We have seen positive and negative moments and discussed them. This all will help to make the next CA event even better. Just let's keep it going! There are too few Combined Arms Tournaments. Here is whole stream from my view, including explaining of our initial plan - Here is only my combat moments from the round -
  16. Baron von Myakin - Red cmdr (no rain) Will stream as usual on: https://twitch.tv/baron_von_myakin
  17. Thanks all for the fun and 104th and Tiger personally for the efforts to organize this event! Adding ground targets made the Red Flag Rumble much more interesting imho. Keep it going! Here is the first round in the view of one of the MiG-21‘s:
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