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  1. I have a fix for this but it is very specific to my monitor setup. Basically crew indicator coordinates are in texture coords -1 .. 1 range instead of normal coordinates and you can just brute force all of the x-positions with a fixed value instead of the calculations.
  2. I can confirm there is something strange with new kneeboard. As it stands with 5120x1440 and 1920x1280 screen side by side, it renders the kneeboard partially out of whole canvas. In addition the UI elements are not aligned with kneeboard. I can confirm this by changing ViewportHandling.lua#update_screenspace_displacement default_x into 3100 and then you can see the UI will render around right edge of the main viewport but kneeboard will render left of the UI at 3100px.
  3. Same, now the kneeboard renders not only out of my main screen but out of the whole rendering area and I cannot move or resize it either.
  4. Currently kneeboard builder doesn't seem to be able to move all elements of kneeboard to correct position. My main use for kneeboard builder is mainly to reposition the kneeboard builder as it with extra screen for MFDs, kneeboard will render out of view.
  5. I stand corrected, you cannot set TOT into past hence it will assume 24 hours forwards in time for TOT. Setting the original TOT do some easy time bit forward in time from takeoff and then adjusting it back to push time works correctly.
  6. On OB Using DTOT Adjust doesn't seem to update the new DTOTs for waypoints to all systems. Steps to reproduce (For sake of simplicity let's assume mission time is around 12:30:00 and distance to WP1 is around 50 miles or so to get relevant numbers): 1. Setup waypoint 1 on WP page DTOT to 00:00:00 2. On NAV page TIME subpage, Set DTOT Adjust to lets say 13:00:00 3. WP page now shows DTOT as 13:00:00 4. However, while TOT delta is shown correctly, the RIAS on CDU and on HUD will still show incorrect value like DTOT were still at 00:00:00, not in 30 minutes with 50 miles to
  7. Jalava

    A-10c 2

    Still there, I wonder if this is a ED or Vaicom issue.
  8. VAICOM seems to silence the AI radio messages for A-10C II when callsign is of pork series (BOAR, TUSK, HAWG, PIG) Changing the callsign brings the radio calls back, it also works when VAICOM isn't active.
  9. In manual it says you can select FAC tasking weapon type as: Guided - Guided Bombs - Missiles However in editor, you can only select Guided and Guided Bombs. If player carries Mavericks and GBUs, are Mavericks always preferred over GBUs when Guided is selected?
  10. At noon there are practically no tall shadows which makes everything bland and hard to see. When you have shadows, it's much easier to recognize stuff in the ground.
  11. If you have Mode switch turned from MISSION to FL. PLAN it will follow the waypoints automatically. However, you cannot select other waypoints when in flight plan mode.
  12. While I was testing if ground inhibit works, I noticed that if you attempt to do selective jettisoning on ground, taking off will not remove the inhibit for selective jettisoning after you've tried it once. I can't find any error message anywhere, but it just doesn't work after that. Emergency stores jettisoning button still works as expected. I wonder if it should be just like this. Pretty edge case though so not sure if it is even a bug, who in their right mind would first try SJET and then take off and SJET again.
  13. If you look how KneeboardBuilder does the modification, you can modify it so that I believe it passes the integrity test, it just requires modifications to quite a few files. But I also have to modify UH-1 and MI-8 for also the AI Panels and Cargo Camera for same reasons just as they use texture coords instead of sane coordinates of actually rendered viewport for positioning.
  14. Make sure you make most of your TrackIR yaw and pitch curves. When looking at the edge of your screen you should be viewing directly to back as much as head turns. If using 32:9 this should happen bit earlier, at around 20% from screen. Then because you usually look just bit over 90 degrees to side, you could have the rear wards portion much more non-linear and this way you don't have to turn your head that much.
  15. If you double each FOV number, you get same vertical angle and views look similar to how they look on 16:9 with just stuff added to sides. Just tested that and I think it works pretty well. See attached screenshots. With out changing FOV, for example you can only see the keyboard of CDU but nothing else. I think this provides a quick solution to 32:9 users. It may seem initially they are distorted, but when in snapview, you only want important stuff in the middle and don't want to turn your head to sides anyway. As I use TrackIr, I'm not sure if Boresight or TriggerZoom can
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