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  1. Here you have a temporary quick fix. We'll add the final correct version in next update, but this one should work for now (probably not good for multiplayer servers that require pure client). Replace with this file the one located in "DCS main directory\CoreMods\aircraft\C-101" folder. C-101CC.lua
  2. No need for any trk, but txs anyway. The problem is in C-101CC. Fixed, wait for next update.
  3. It depends how long ago was the last time you updated. If it was before (August 2020), then you should read the txt file "input_profiles_repairer_readme.txt" located in Mods\Aircraft\C-101\Input folder, and follow those instructions.
  4. Unable to reproduce. What version are you on? If you are up to date, please make a repair. You probably keep some old files.
  5. You can see the general limitations in the ITT instrument itself. Green arc 250º-924º Yellow arc 924º-952º Max thrust 952º MPR limit 974º The engine can reach 1024º in transient condition before an inspection is needed. As TLTeo just said, in practice you can operate the CC engine without limitation.
  6. Gear interaction with the ground is still WIP. We will work on its adjustments later on.
  7. Hi cloudkake, Multicrew is still work in progress.
  8. Unfortunately ED didn't update the files. The one in my post is the latest.
  9. You should probably report it to ED. There's nothing we can do except report it.
  10. Campaign zip file updated. You can grab last version from my post above. Changes: Higher resolution briefing image of the VFR flight map in dead reckoning mission #7.
  11. Quick the rudder at around 150 kts, better not less than that. It is not like the hammerhead you can do in a Yak-52, but you will be able to turn over while keeping the vertical plane.
  12. Just to confirm, you should use latest files in the zip attached in a previous post, you have larger resolution files for both ferry flight missions there. I guess you know that you can use mouse scroll to zoom them in the mission briefing interface, and that you can open the miz file with any decompress tool program like Winzip. Only some pics are at higher resolution, just the ones that really might need to be zoomed in (missions 0, 1 and 5).
  13. You guys have to improve your IFR flying skills I have re-uploaded the Campaign files in my previous post. You can grab current version there. I have changed IFR chart images for better resolution ones. Please read carefully the briefings, specially **HINTS** and **WARNINGS**. In the IFR mission you can read, in the HINTS section, the following: - Perform an ILS approach. You have to be precise on final! This means you have to follow the ILS glide path and localizer without excessive deviation. In the video from Rudel we can see that he flies almost two dots above the cor
  14. There is definetely something wrong. We are working on it. Thanks again for your report.
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