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  1. Roger, thank you for the update! Looking forward to it! (p.s., Also looking forward to the F-16 ;))
  2. I just checked, It hasn't come up in the steam store for me either. :(
  3. Is the update going to be happening for Steam users today as well? I just fully closed (and exited) steam and didn't see the update for DCS on there. Just for giggles (in case I missed it) I ran DCS and the shader issue was still there for me. FYI, I run DCS through Steam.
  4. Hi Bignewy, any word on whether DCS is still looking to patch/update the shaders this week? I really want to get back to playing. :) Thanks!
  5. Ya, thanks scampaboy I think that was the issue because I would let he fueling or defueling run for like 40 mins (possibly thinking real time) and the fuel amount never changed let alone I never got to actually arm/dearm. :/ I'm currently one of those affect by the metasharder issue so I can't try anything until the next patch but thanks for the suggestion. I'm definitely going to try it.
  6. Roger. My apologies. I thought I saw an update (maybe it was just news) today. Thank you for clarifying.
  7. Even with the update I'm still have the issue. :(
  8. Hi everyone, This might be a really easy question to answer but for the life of me I can't figure it out. I'm in the harrier and am asking ground crew (alt + ') for rearm and refuel. I get a copy for both rearm and refuel and hear the refueling but the refueling never stops and the rearming never starts. I tried to rearm only (click zero fuel on slider) and still the refueling happens (i can hear it) but no reamring. Please help! Thanks.
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