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  1. Placeholder Tiger Force skin used in the pacific theatre Work continues on the new external model, hence the lack of template or skins for now.
  2. Not planned at the moment. ED said they were doing a Lancaster when they first added the WW2 assets but no news on this since and its been removed from the page so they have looked into it previously
  3. The Lancaster is something that is close to my own heart and coming from the air show side of DCS i really wanted PA474 from the BBMF flight as it comes over quite regularly. Id like to do a B17 some day if ED doesnt but the lancaster is my first true love. Hopefully the ww2 maps will keep expanding into germany to get some realistic missions and scenarios
  4. Yeah ive seen them, I cant seem to find any more videos up close of the landing gear demo and i cant see the setup in the 3d tour of that museum so im not sure if it was taken else where, the other video is pretty good though
  5. Im currently working on the landing gear and the payloads so if you have any photos of armament or of bits of the landing gear in particular would be helpful but any reference is a good reference so feel free to send them over
  6. Loki's bombsight for you
  7. Project Lancaster for DCS We plan to bring the Avro Lancaster to DCS, Beginning with the Mk1 and hopefully covering other variants including the special variants responsible for the Dam-busters raids on the the dams in the Ruhr Valley. We dont want to state any time window for release as the mod is still far off and we want to get it right without having to skip steps to meet a set date Progress Checklist: Bomb Aimer's Station: 60% Pilot's Station: 50% Flight Engineer's Station: 80% Navigator's Station: 60% Radio Operator's Station: Donated 3d scan by Callsign_Merlin, Due to be re-modelled Mid Upper Gunner's Station: Not Started Tail Gunner's Station: Not Started About the Mod: We plan on having a full multicrew aircraft capable of fitting a full 7 man crew. We are currently on a basic EFM with multicrew but we are lacking engine modelling and the coding around the systems not needed for flight. Discord: We are more active on discord and are about to answer your questions, You can find us at this link here: https://discord.gg/PD29TWXBKx How you can help We are looking for any help we can! With this being a community mod, we are looking for help from the community, weather this be directly helping out with the coding and modelling or just spreading the word, we need your help. If you do have something to assist us with the then the discord is the way to do it, We appreciated any reference images and all of the support we receive from the community and we are looking for people with experience in coding LUA or C based languages to help out with the coding of the mod! Feel free to contact me on discord at the tag Scooby#2794 Media Virtual Air Festivals vBBMF display for Remembrance day 2021 (21 mins) https://youtu.be/PJ7S8jaWXss Radio Operators Station PA474 Leader TW900 EM-F Feel free to ask questions below as I'm not really sure how to use the forums -Scooby and the Lancaster team.
  8. Would it be possible for the ED devs to work with substance painter to make a way to import and paint the EDM file format within substance painter. It would make the paint process alot easier and allows for easy oil stains and other fancy textures. It also mitigates the issue of seams as substance painter allows to paint in 3d and would cut the time painting by so much. I would like to attempt some of the more complex hind skins when the template is released and the seams will probably kill me so this would be a much appreciated feature Thanks Scooby
  9. This is a great break in the progress. I can contact ED to see if there is a reason and if they are willing to allow fuel on all pylons. Im sure it would be easy enough to copy the files. I would also like to award you a virtual golden star for your efforts. You sir are a legend
  10. Id prefer if it was available on the extra pylon to allow for the travel pod/fuel tanks to be on whilst having the CFT. Could it to be that the CFTs are defined in a different place to the actual fuel tanks?
  11. Hey, Im scooby from the Virtual Zeus Team Ive been working on the bl 52+ mod for a while for display purposes but now that the mod has been released im wondering if there is any way for it to hold fuel. Ive been told that it was possible but that person never got back to me after that. Does anyone have any ideas? Download link : https://mega.nz/folder/cZYXSSqZ#edKAWH3LyzURREZQvCCkmg Discord : https://discord.com/invite/9Y7FgzRw6D
  12. In the spitfire, Full down trim wont stop it from pulling up and trimming down doesn't move the indicator
  13. I have this problem too. When my stick is centred the roll pitch indicator says I'm rolling right. Only happens in the 109. I have a similar problem in the spitfire where it will pitch up. I have the warthog and even in the axis assign it says my stick is centered
  14. Im getting the same problem with a warthog. Im not sure why as it has been fine until recently but my plane has itself pitching up from the moment I spawn in. nothing to do with trim or rudder. Im also getting right roll in the 109
  15. Im not sure where to put this so drop me a message if this isn't the right place. Hey Im Scooby from the Virtual Zeus Demo Team, Replicating the Hellenic Air Force's F16 Demo team. Im looking for someone with a greek accent to come help me out with the Demo. Currently, I have the audio from the real display but it has gaps in it and I was looking for someone to use the script they used in the display. I would like someone with a Greek accent/from Greece to do it to make it feel authentic. The airshow is in December so no real rush Thanks Scooby
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