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  1. Oh well, apparently, for cockpit altitude to change you need to use this little thing:
  2. Hello If you check the DCS manuals, you might find that in English version, the AUTO mode is "UP" While in Russian its "КОСТ" down Which way is right? Also, no matter what I do with the Cockpit Air Supply and Pressurization Handle, the cockpit altitude schedule works as if the bleed valve is Always open, regardless of the actual altitude and Cockpit Air supply handle position Is it a bug or intended? Thank you
  3. Hi Can anyone tell me why, when my human RIO enters IP to TRG BRG and RNG, it saves on his TID, but on the pilot screen it remains zero. IP bombing is impossible. It deos work in single player though. Is it a bug or we are doing something wrong? Thank you
  4. Hi, I have FPS drops in Mig 19P as well. In VR I tested a mission I made for Mig 15. In Mig 15 I have 45 FPS, in Mig 19 FPS starts on 45 but then, within 10 minutes. goes down to 8-9 fps.
  5. Hi Just wanted to express my admiration to you guys for the F 14 Tomcat module. For so long have I played "Early Access" modules which were merely a "place holders". Look at Mig 19 or even F18 (A year passed and still extremely raw). Releasing such a high quality simulation on day one is definitely an achievement. Flight model matches Natops charts, Systems and avionics behavior is realistic and matches POH, Graphics and attention to details is astonishing, unique (for DCS) AI crew member mechanic which actually works. You have set a new standard for DCS in many ways and I really hope yo
  6. Same problem here In addition - when RIO (Human) enters parameters for "IP to TRG", they are saved on his TID, but on Pilots TID repeat all the numbers (RA, BR) remain zero.
  7. After overG wings broke. But plane flew no problem. If zoom out far enough - wings are visible Video in russian
  8. Потролить захотелось Долой маркеры! Только Хардкор! И филды "Шилками" прикрыть Чтоб точно не "вулчили"
  9. Метки для нюбов Надо уметь осматриваться правильно В реале меток нет.
  10. Hi Can anyone tell me how to adjust focus in VR when using NVG? Outside world and the HUD is fine, but cockpit is unreadable. Also - First time I tried sidearms - they locked on OSA and fired perfectly. But next day I tried - they lock but refuse to launch. Why? Thanks
  11. Все равно лучше чем БЗС
  12. Хотите верьте - хотите нет: Карта Кавказ, высота 100 метров темп +15 Спитфайр без бомб - 325 миль (523 км\ч) Спитфайр после 3 сброшенных бомб - 385 миль (619 км\ч) Притом что теперь сброс бомбодержателей на скорость не влияет
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