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  1. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2006/05/10/Ex-Navy-pilot-forgets-landing-gear/31521147286337/ Not only that, but they claim that you have to lower the gear for landing too! Snodgrass knows better; he has over 4000 hours flying F-14s. It's pretty clear that all the procedures and "limitations" that come from the manufacturer and Navy are all BS, and the realistic procedure is to touch down with the gear up. Keep up the good fight maxsin! Maybe we'll teach these actual pilots how it really works. Edit: To be clear, this isn't meant to reflect badly on Snodgrass. People make mistakes, and some
  2. This can actually be done with a relatively simple lua edit that doesn't break the integrity check and can be used by anyone (just gives the mission creator the option to spawn aircraft there). I don't have it on me, but it should be one of the first few results when you google "DCS spawn on ground mod". Unfortunately, it will be undone every single update, and does not work with survey sim (FC3 level) aircraft, which just explode. All study sim (full fidelity) modules work almost flawlessly with it however. I do hope that's something they add in the future.
  3. The causes appear to be all the korry push buttons. Switches work as intended, at least so far.
  4. The following C-101 training missions are impossible to complete, as when they ask for a user action (pressing a button), the trigger does not fire and the mission will not progress, even after holding the button for a prolonged period, or depressing and holding the spacebar. Lessons confirmed not working: 1.2 Basic Visual Flight (Stuck trying to activate pitot heat) 2.2 IFR Flight (Stuck trying to activate pitot heat) 4.1 Ground attack with guns and rockets (Stuck trying to select pylons 2 & 5) 4.2 Ground attack with bombs (Stuck trying to select pylons 2 & 5) 4.3 Anti-ship st
  5. If that occurred in multiplayer, it's entirely possible they weren't damaged on their screen. Damage is not always synced between clients unfortunately. This has been a pretty serious issue in the Korea1952 server, where you'll be bounced by dozens of sabres only to find out that you were smoking or leaking fuel for everyone else, but not yourself. Perhaps that plays into the issue at hand here?
  6. VREST page nozzle rotation values are placeholders, and not functional. They do not adjust with weight, or altitude. See this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=285533
  7. Strange. I was only able to increase the temperature to 38C during June in the Syria map. I also tried the "Summer Heat" preset which defaulted to 38C and would go no higher. How were you able to input a higher temperature?
  8. Many of the parking spots at this airfield appear to be unusable, despite aircraft of appropriate size (fixed and rotary wing) fitting without issue when placed as statics. For example, parking spots 41 to 52.
  9. Shadows from objects such as hangars or bunkers appear through the terrain, including entire hills. Some objects (such as some of the walls at Bassel Al-Assad) don't cast shadows at all, and many shadows move along the ground when the camera rotates around them at a constant distance. MGRS BT 411102: MGRS BS 481931: Bassel Al-Assad:
  10. The maximum value for air temperature in the mission editor is 38C. With temperatures that can reach over 48C in areas such as Syria, Nevada, and the Persian Gulf, we cannot replicate these conditions with the current limitations of DCS World. Raising this limit to 50C would rectify this issue. EDIT: Syria, Nevada, and the PG have different maximum temperatures as per Flappie's tests below. Syria's max temperature appears to be 38C, and the Persian Gulf's 41.3C. Other maps such as the Caucuses can reach up to 50C, so it would be nice to see this raised.
  11. Prior to the 2.5.1 update, the shaking was significantly less noticeable/intense than it is now. As of the 2.5.1 update (for which I created a bug report), the intensity of the shaking became extreme, and it stopped being a bumpy ride similar to the A-10, in favor of the shaking.
  12. F-102/F-106 would be incredible. F-106 especially would be awesome.
  13. In the P-51, losing an entire wing does not affect the flight model or the ability to fire the wing mounted guns. The only effect is to the landing gear's drag (when extended) and collision with the ground. See attached screenshots, video, and track file for details. NOTE: This exact issue has occurred repeatedly in other modules such as the AJS-37, C-101, Su-25/Su-25T, Mig-15bis, Mig-21bis, and F-86F, among others. It occurs in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Here are some of the reports: C-101 - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=255167 AJS37 - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthre
  14. Just to add on to/clarify how BigNewy's statement on the FARP pad above applies to this post, it sounds as though it'll be a workaround that still requires the FARP pad, but allows you to place it next to a road in order to land aircraft to rearm there without needing to taxi onto the pad itself. https://discordapp.com/channels/542985647502393346/557639068654239764/751566313511452813 While this is a fantastic change, it still won't allow for the types of FARPs shown in the screenshots above, and will still be fairly limiting/intrusive due to how FARP pads interact with terrain.
  15. What it is: Similar to the Viggen, I would like to see the ability to rearm/refuel decoupled from FARP pads and airfields, at least in part (perhaps make supply vehicles that can resupply aircraft separate from regular units in the unit list, or add an ME checkbox enabling/disabling this ability). This would function by allowing aircraft to rearm and refuel as long as they are within a certain radius of the supply vehicles. That radius could be matched to the current ground resupply radius, which is shown on the map. Why this matters: This would allow for significantly more flexible mission
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