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  1. In my case, it was a dns resolution problem. My ISP's DNS server does not resolve blackveal.tplinkdns.com. My solution was to replace the dns server ip on the pc with one of the google dns servers, Now my pc can resolve blackveal.tplinkdns.com and the updater is working.
  2. I'm on steam beta 2.5.6 also. I had the same problem with loading stopping at 10%. Then I did specify the steam dcs world directory on the config page and ticked the OB checkbox. Now on loading vaicom finds first the steam install, places all the files there and in saved games/dcs, then proceeds to the specified OB path, which is the same, and overwrites all the file with the correct OB ones. Then creates a saved games/dcs.openbeta directory and places the same file as in saved games/dcs previously. It works for me now like that.
  3. Pimax US roadshow: https://community.openmr.ai/t/fast-survey-are-you-interested-in-orlando-nyc-roadshow/25137
  4. If only your head position is the problem, then try this: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3744328&postcount=6
  5. SteamVR limits the max horizontal resolution by default to 4096, you have to modify the maxRecommendedResolution in steamvr config. I set it to 8192. https://steamcommunity.com/app/250820/discussions/3/1636410430560280876
  6. That GPU OC tool trick does for work me. I've been using it for the past 5 days.
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